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This group is dedicated to the Twilight Saga and all Twilighters worldwide. Join this group and you won't regret it...! Seriously do it!
      Welcome to The Twilight Coven (or TTC for short).
 The Twilight Coven is a place where Twilighters worldwide can come together and share a common passion.

                ~ Twi-light-er ~

                   -An overly obsessed fan of the Twilight Saga.

Symptoms of a Twilighter

1. You risk being grounded in the name of Twilight.
2. when you start talking the topic always relates back to twilight.
3. When you constantly think of the twilight caracters.
being sad when you heard Robert cut his hair
5.Read all four books millions of times
6. When you compare your favorite part in the movie to your friends
7. when you look at apples in a completely new way
8.when you can relate everyting you see or hear to twilight.
9. when you persuade others to read the series so they can understand what your so obssed about.
10. when you can discuss the vampire and werewolf phyche for hours non stop to some one who has NO IDEA what your talking about.

Warning:  Once you love Twilight your life will never be the same.

                                                    New Moon:



Twilight: Not Just A Series But A Passion....

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