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Welcome, new members! 15 5 years ago
Branches of Science 4 7 years ago
Blogs on the credibility of science 1 7 years ago
Powers of Ten 3 5 years ago
Clips from COSMOS 4 5 years ago
Global Sea Level Rise Map 2 7 years ago
PLANETOCOPIA 1 7 years ago
The Drake Equation 1 7 years ago
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Bad Astronomy
Thank you 2 years ago
Thank you 2 years ago
Revealed: My tattoo 2 years ago
Revealed: My tattoo 2 years ago
A refreshing Shasta 2 years ago
NOAA News Releases
2012 global temperatures are 10th highest on record 1 year ago
Obama Administration’s National Drought Resilience Partnership to Help Communities Prepare for Drought 1 year ago
Regulations to protect marine mammals during Navy training and testing 1 year ago
Contiguous U.S. had cooler than average October with near-average precipitation; Alaska had its warmest October on record 1 year ago
New fisheries survey vessel delivered 1 year ago
Mitigation of Climate Change – Part 3 of the new IPCC report 11 months ago
Shindell: On constraining the Transient Climate Response 11 months ago
Unforced varaitions: Apr 2014 11 months ago
Impacts of Climate Change – Part 2 of the new IPCC Report has been approved 11 months ago
IPCC WG2 report now out 11 months ago
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