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x wants to protect all animals from the IUCN Red List! With your help we can motivate and or force local governments all over the world to protect all endangered species! Many animals will need our protection to survive!
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Time is running out to save the polar bear!
Dear wildlifefriends!

Time is running out to save the polar bear and other endangered species. As their sea ice habitat disappears, polar bears are starving and drowning, and mothers and cubs are dying as their snow dens collapse on them due to a warming climate. In addition, pollution from oil and gas drilling threatens to destroy what's left of the polar bear's disappearing habitat.

In their last days, the Bush Administration weakened protections for the polar bear and other endangered species. We have a few weeks to restore their protections under the Endangered Species Act.

Congress passed a bill that gives the Obama administration 60 days to overturn the Bush administration's regulations that weakened the Endangered Species Act and eliminated essential protections for the polar bear. Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar must take this critically important step to restore scientific integrity at the Department of Interior.

Please sign this petition by the endangered species coalition and spread it   D day will be on May 8!

Thank you for you Help

Hans Lak 
One person can make a difference!

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Why would you put animals on a red list? If you do not protect them?
If animals are endangered protect them its that simple...

We fight for the protection of all endangered species!
Please sign this petition!

All animals on this red list of threatened species should be protected!

Just one example on how the current system fails!

"TheAfrican wild dog, Lycaon pictus, is one of Africa's most endangeredcarnivores. It is Red Listed by the International Union for theConservation of Nature ( IUCN) as an Endangered Species. The reasonsgiven by IUCN for this decline are human induced loss of habitat andpersecution by humans. According to the IUCN report on wild dogs, thereare between 3.000 and 5.500 free ranging wild dogs left in Africatoday. In January 2006 a filmwas broadcast by a Dutch Channel, Twee Vandaag, which exposed theindication that there was a serious trade in wild dogs, including dogswhich came out of the wild! One way in which the trade and capture ofwild dogs could be monitored and controlled would be for them to belisted on CITES, Appedix I or II. ( Convention of International Tradein Endangered Species) . That means that the African wild dog, Lycaonpictus, should be placed on CITES as soon as possible to afford agreater level of protection" The Aflrican Wild Dog will need protectionfrom the local governments in Africa. Since it will take years to getit on the CITES list. The wildlifefoundation wants to act before it istoo late!
The time is now! Protect the last wild dogs in Africa !

Petition to save the wild dogs!

We support the Painted dog conservation project in Zimbabwe!

The Painted Dog Conservation Organisation’s mission is to conserve and increase the range and numbers of the painted dog (Lycaon pictus) both in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa by providing conservation tools and education material that can be used to protect this highly endangered carnivore.

Our belief is that Conservation does not occur on an island and so the objective is to undertake a holistic approach that encompasses all the stakeholders, particularly school children and local communities.

A holistic programme with 5 components

  • Research

  • Direct conservation of the dogs

  • Conservation education

  • Capacity building for the future

  • Community development

  • Painted dogs  or wild dogs?

    "The name 'wild dog' developed during an era of persecution of all predators when the name applied to feral dogs, hyenas, jackals and cape hunting dogs (Pringle, 1980). 'Painted' aside from being a direct translation of the specific epithet, accurately describes the unique varicoloured markings of each individual. Apart from being misleading, continued use of the name 'wild dog' does little more than further fuel negative attitude and prejudice which is detrimental to conservation efforts."

    There is no record in Myth, Legend or Fact of a Painted dog, aka Wild Dog, attacking or killing a human being.

    Of all the natural threats to the survival of the painted dog, man represents the greatest. 

    Hyena, jackal and leopard will steal their food from the killing site while lions will kill both adults and pups however these are natural occurrences to which the animal has survived for millions of years.

    Man is by far their greatest killer and yet with a little care he could be their saviour.


    He condones the wanton killing of adult dogs and puppies by whatever means.


    Road kills are a major killer of these animals. In April 2001, the alpha male of a pack was found on the road leading to a National Park in Zimbabwe by Project staff. The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic but had to be put down due to it having a broken back. Obviously excessive speed was a factor.


    Man perceives the method of killing prey is abhorrent.


    He sets traps, snares, with little thought for the suffering of the animal that gets caught.


    He allows domestic dogs to introduce disease such as rabies and distemper. 


    The loss of one dog to a pack can have a devastating effect on the survival of the whole pack.

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