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OPEN DISCUSSION: Question: What are some of the apparent changes you are experiencing at this point in your life? Are you content, anxious, happy, at peace with your life? The answer to this questions can fluxuate from one moment to the next, but we all have our CHOICES on what we decide to feel... the trick is to maintain awareness of the 'why' we are feeling a certain way, and not to react without clarification. Sort of like giving yourself a 'time-out' and stepping away from a situation which may prove to be not in your best interest. Another thought... How many of you (a show of hands, please...) have been trying to "push a rope" only to realize that if you would have heeded the warning signs before a situation got out of control, you wouldn't have been stuck-in-stagnation in the first place. I admit to being a creature of habit, but oftentimes the roads we chose we do so out of our sub-comfort of the outcome. But...if we change ONE thing...~*~
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