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Greetings! This group is intended to provide a Cyber*Space to activate the "Worldwide Interfaith Healing Circles," for the benefit of all beings. Welcome to all! Let us circle up in Cyber*Space and make a difference. Six continents now active! =SR=
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CONTINUING SUNDAY EVENING GATHERINGS ... CHECK OUT ALL OF THE POSTS, when you get a chance. Your participation in the Sunday Evening gatherings is encouraged, and you can also post healing and prayer requests, without being there, and they will be invoked when there is an online Conference Chat. See the posts for details. Start a new post about matters of interest or importance to you and/or your community. Hope to see you, if and when your way is open! Sapan Rinpoche, Lyons, Colorado, USA, North America
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{ else }   Blog: Planetary Ceremony  
The Indigenous Peoples, Nations, Communities and Organizations of the World and all Humankind
1. Epicenter of the Great Ceremony of Purification and Harmonization: The Place of the Great Ceremony of the Cosmic Sound and the 8000 Sacred Drums for the Healing of the Mother Earth, for Life and Peace, will be in the Otomi Nation, Mexico, on March 21, 2008, at noon, with synchronized ceremonies the same day around the world. The point of connection in Mexico will be in the Otomi Ceremonial Center, State of Mexico. We will meet in a spiritual and powerful way within our hearts, in our homes, ceremonial centers and sacred places, from America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Australian Continent, and in all regions of our Planet.
The Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Tradition will organize these Ceremonies from Mexico on these dates (Including the Indigenous World Congress for the Healing of Mother Earth on March 17-20, and the Atlantean Pilgrimage to the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Land on March 22-25), and calls to the entire world to participate, right here and right now, to unite together in this connection to generate the most powerful field of luminous and harmonious energy that expands to all the planet.
Preceding this magnificent event there were ceremonies. Altogether there were encounters. According to the indigenous calendar, these ceremonies are in connection with the period of the Full Moon, which will be celebrated on these days to enhance the intensity of light, health and love to all the Earth and living beings. We will be able to make connection ceremonies from the Spriing Equinox also, which begins on March 21.
2. The Spirit of 8,000 Sacred Drums. This ceremony is to transform the energy of the Earth’s Changes in Light and Love. The messages from our wise elders (both men and women) also speak to us of the need to transform drums of war into Drums of Peace and recognize the importance of the work for harmony and the peaceful resolution of conflicts around the world.
We wish to leave a message of Love and Respect for all forms of Life on the planet. Life with Liberty, Justice, Dignity and Sacred Peace is to recognize that Everything is Sacred, and that our mission is to work to ensure that our life is in equilibrium with our families, communities, peoples, humanity, plants, animals, air, earth, fire, water, the Cosmos and our own heart.
We wish to present the option for Life and Peace on Mother Earth as a legacy for present and future generations. The prophecy of the ancestors of the Otomí Native Nation, in other words, the Olmecas-Toltecas-Teotihuacanos, the Sacred Civilization of Silence, Sound, Time, Space and Corn (Ñätho-Ñähñu-‘Ñuhmu-‘Ñuhu), is an Awakening of Indigenous Peoples and of All Humankind. We will come together to make the Sound of 8,000 Sacred Drums (the number may be 8,000 times 8,000 worldwide) to enable the Vibration of All the Sacred Drums to generate Mähki ‘Ñithi (Powerful Sacred Medicine) and Ts’edi Pa (intensified Healing Energy) to Heal Mother Earth, focusing our energy in the Indian Ocean and the other areas of the disaster.
3. Meeting Place. Mexico, notwithstanding those who cannot attend, in the thousands or millions, can connect with this Grand Indigenous Ceremony (America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia) in their home or community. The point of connection in Mexico will be in the Otomi Ceremonial Center, Temoaya, State of Mexico, near Mexico City.
This is why, with all the love and respect of our heart, we are inviting your Family, Group, Council, Collective, Association, Community, Native People or Nation of all regions and countries worldwide to meet at some Sacred Place (a Valley, Desert, Jungle, Island, Lake, Forest, Mountain, Cave, River, Waterfall, Ceremonial Center, Temple or special Site of your own, at the Altar in your Home, your Cultural or Educational Center or some other Meeting Place, such as a Public Square, Garden) or any other space conducive to a Meeting.
3.1. Time and Date of Ceremony. The concept is to join the Sounds of the Sacred Drums with your Ceremonial Instruments and Prayers for an hour at 12 noon (local time at every location on the Planet) on March 21th, 2008 (friday).
Depending on your local capabilities and conditions, you can begin your activities for one hour or 12 hours any time between dawn and dusk, or activities may continue all day (for 24 hours). Also, other ceremonies can be celebrated on the days of the Full Moon in these months.
4. Ways to Connect and Share. You can play and thereby connect with the cosmic sound of the Sacred Drums or other similar native and ceremonial instruments. You can also connect through other musical instruments, dancing and sacred chants; you can hold a ceremony or rituals; you can meditate or pray in any language. You can unite the drum of your heart with the drum of all Humankind. May all the power and sacred medicine of the Sacred Drums and other healing instruments spread to all the areas of the planet affected by the Disasters. The blessing of the Nzuni, the Cosmic Sound, can come to us, unite us and bring us together, reconcile us, heal us and bring joy to our hearts.
5. For the Earth, Peace and Life. Every Sister, Brother, Family, Group, Council, Collective, Association, Community, Native People, Native Nation or any other Tradition from every area on the planet can have activities before, during and after the Grand Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums. These activities may be focused on the defense and respect of Mother Earth (jungles, forests, ceremonial centers and sacred sites), Peace (for the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples and of all Traditional Societies worldwide) and Life (Equilibrium with animal, plant, mineral and human Life. Life is sacred and in harmony and dignity with all living things.).
6. Be in Touch. We ask you to be in communication with us. Let us know how many Sacred Drums are involved from your home areas; let us know that we are connecting with every place and region so that we will know about the ceremonies, meetings, festivals, workshops, meditations, and ceremonial, cultural and fraternal activities being held around Sacred Drums. May the shimmering of light bathe us and may healing energy transform the negativity of the disasters to spread it among everyone so that we can feel, experience and share in peace and love at all times.
7. Sacred Ceremony. With respect all People, Communities or Traditions, we invite you to connect to this Great Ceremony for the Healing of the Mother Earth, for Life and Peace. For those who would like to attend, we will share this Sacred Way received by our Indigenous Tradition for the Ceremony of March 21, 2008, with you. As a gesture of love and respect, you may begin as follows:
-Dawn Ceremony (Greetings to the Four Directions, the Heart of the Sky and of the Earth and Our Heart).
-Offering to Mother Earth, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon.
-Meditation with the Sound of Silence for the healing of the Mother Earth.
-Ceremony to Bless and Consecrate the Drums and Musical Instruments.
-Harmonious playing and cosmic sound of the Drums (12:00 noon).
-Messages to heal Mother Nature and ensure Life and Peace of the Four Directions.
-Sacred Convergence (Music and Song).
-Farewell Ceremony (Greetings to the Four Directions, the Heart of the Sky and of the Earth, and Our Heart).
8. Honoring to Mother Earth: Our People, the First Otomi Nation, have organized at the Ceremonial Center Otomí de Temoaya, State of Mexico, Mexico, the greatest Ceremony of the Cosmic Sound and the 8000 Sacred Drums for the Healing of the Mother Earth, for Life and Peace, and the First International Indigenous Encounter of Sacred Drums on the previous equinox, March 21, 2007, where thousand of people worldwide united their prayers and sounds for the balance of the planet. The next Ceremony of the 8000 Sacred Drums at the Ceremonial Center Otomí, Temoaya, Mexico will be on March 2008, continuing every year until 2012.
9. Blessings: With the vision of the Elders, Guardians of the Earth and the Ancestral Wisdom, we are dedicating our life for this great Planetary Harmonic Connection. In order to solidify this, it is required to unite all our energies full of love. Thank you for your blessings. We ask for your support and contribution to carry out this great mission for the Healing of the Mother Earth, for Life and Peace. All your donations and offerings are greatly welcome and appreciated. Your tax-deductible contributions and donations in the United States can be sent directly to:
International Indigenous University
Calle Prolongacion Tenancingo 1222-A
Esquina Otumba
Colonia Electricistas Locales
Municipio de Toluca
Estado de México, MEX C.P. 50040
TelFax: 00+52+(722) 773-2240
Tel: 00+52+(722) 2 15-68 34
The people interested in the diverse Indigenous Traditions for all the Humanity and in this Magnificent Ceremony of Healing Planetary, are asked to be in touch as soon as be possible in order to establish communication and coordination.
Ra zö ga ihmu! Welcome all !

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{ else }   Blog: Each One Of Us Can Make A Difference Says The Dalai Lama  

make a difference

"Each one of us has an opportunity to make a difference".

(His Holiness The Dalai Lama)

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{ else }   Blog: ONGOING DISCUSSIONS & SHARES on the Worldwide Healing Circle  
Help us ALL ... all of Humankind ... to create Circles of Healing & Light Transmissions, Prayers and Guided Meditations for World Peace and All Concerns that we on this planet share, as Brothers & Sisters of all corners of Mother Earth! Look at the discussions and shares on the Worldwide Interfaith Healing Circle and create more topics, which will be "blue pinned" to that group forum. Let us join hands across all of our oceans and continents and Care2 make a difference. We can do this! Make your contributions whenever your way is open. Thank you for all that you do in these tumultuous times. Just IMAGINE, as our Brother John Lennon so succinctly did for us!  =sapan=

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Blog: Every Spark of Truth  
New cycles
at every moment.

An opportunity
for the transformation
of consciousness

the diversity
of all form
and ideas

each unique spoke
in this wheel
to the strength of Love

healing all
that needs to be healed
Posted: Apr 29, 2006 11:10am | (1) | (0) |  
You are invited to the WORLD INTERFAITH HEALING CIRCLE which is devoted to expressions of World Peace, Love, Harmony, Kindliness, Health & Tolerance of all Faiths and to the promotion of the highest manifestations of Humankind.  We now have hosts on four continents and creating groups focused upon the needs and members of each of those continents. In any case, we are all doomed to perfection! Keep the FAITH!   =sapan rinpoche=

Posted: Feb 20, 2006 8:10pm | (2) | (0) |  
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    Blog: Sky Blessings  
    Sky Blessing

    Flight of
    every thought
    a seed

    sparks of light
    on behalf of all connections
    ... every

    the wheel of infinity ...

    a sprouting
    of multidimensional

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    { else }   Blog: WORLDWIDE PRAYER ACTIVITY - Discussion  
    Let us HERE discuss the phenomena of worldwide prayer activity. There are many studies and indicators that goup prayer activity is very powerful and effective in healing, in providing support for people, places, things and energies on the planet. We can discuss these things here and add to the information that we have, many of us, compiled in our own activities of surfing, blogging, researching, sifting and winnowing, and accumulating. Please add your comments to this thread and blog, making a contribution to our efforts to promote worldwide healing, peace, sustainable environment, and so forth. All of the concerns of all humankind are appropriate for our focus and best efforts.  =sapan=

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