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{ else }   Alert: "SOSCoky" - A Cry for Help"  
Location:United States
Please help the dogs of "SOSCoky" - the Canile of Santa Maria di Castellabate, Campania, Italy - in signing our petition. The area of the Canile is placed at a former rubbish-ground without infrastructure. There is no electricity and water. Many of the dogs are sick - suffering of Leishmaniose, Ehrlichose or other diseases. Already five years ago the municipials have promised a new area for the Canile, but 'till now nothing has happened. It is time for keeping promises now!! Join our petition please! Thank you!!

Posted: Jun 14, 2008 4:06am | (1) | (0) |  
{ else }   Alert: Help Durbin WV no-kill Shelter  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Donation
Location:United States

The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men. Leonardo DaVinci (Quote provided by a kind-hearted soul.)

Durbin, West Virginia is a town in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The population was 265 at the 2005 census. Two other nearby towns are Hillsboro, a town with a population of 243 at the 2000 census, and Marlinton with a population of 1,204 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat.They are attempting a HUGE project of having an animal shelter for the area of Durbin, WV. There is currently no shelter to get the animals in out of the cold. I hate to think of their animals getting their surgeries and then having to heal outside in all kinds of weather. This is what is happening now. Although their goal is to make Pocahontas County a no kill community, their priority is working towards getting a shelter/building so the animals there can be housed indoors and also create more much needed space to save more animals from being euthanized.

So far, a very generous, former Pocahontas County resident and homeless animal advocate, has donated a 16'x20' building, similar to the one pictured here, to the homeless animals in Pocahontas county. Donated in memory of her two precious companion pooches, MacKenzie and Buffy. We can not ever thank her enough for all she has done to help the homeless, neglected and even abused animals there.

Here is what is needed in donations to help the animals get in and out of the elements and into a heated and air conditioned facility...
  • Funding for dozer work
  • Gravel for under the building
  • Crates of all sizes (Especially Lg and Ex large)
  • Electrical and plumbing supplies
  • Utility sink
  • DONATED!! THANK YOU!! Bath tub for animals so they can get baths and be indoors!
  • DONATED!! THANK YOU!! Dog dryer
  • Funding for additional supplies that we have not thought of yet! They currently have $150 of $2850. If you can contribute ANYTHING, click on the link below, which also takes you to their website so you can see the animals and the work they have been doing and a daily progress report on funding. So please, go to our petfinder page and make any donation for the shelter. Even $1 can help. It all adds up and in the long run, that one dollar, might just be the last one needed to save more lives! Please help! Thank you!

Posted: Feb 7, 2008 7:33pm | (1) | (0) |  
{ else }   Alert: GAITHERSBURG MD-Kitten Rescued from 6-lane Virginia Highway by Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Visit - in person
Location:United States

I would like to thank Barb Gee, an Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County foster in East Village, for agreeing to take on the little orange kitten I caught, as described in the following, hair-raising adventure.

While I was returning from a doctor's appointment in Reston, I saw an orange tabby male kitten about 8-12 weeks old, running through the intersection of New Dominion Parkway and Town Center Parkway, Reston, Virginia (  He continued running east down the middle of New Dominion Parkway--a six-lane divided highway--in moderate traffic.

I turned onto New Dominion Parkway and parked my car in the highway with my emergency flashers.  I approached the cat on the lawn beside a parking garage.  He ran toward some trees.  I continued to approach and he jumped a retaining wall into the parking garage.  He was crying loudly.

I climbed into the parking garage and tried to approach it, trilling and calling "kitty kitty."  He continued crying but did not allow me to come closer than 15 feet.  I got down on all fours to try to reassure it.  He ran from under a car to a corner of the garage.

Some women entered the parking garage who had apparently also seen it, and one began to approach him on foot.  He ran back under the car by the retaining wall.  I tried to slowly approach it, blocking the path to the retaining wall.  He then squeezed into a wall crevice between concrete slabs, and I was able to grab him by the scruff and pick him up.  He was still crying, but did not claw or bite.

One of the women helped open my car and unzip the flexible cat carrier I always keep strapped to the rear seat lap belt.  I put the kitten in the carrier, and she zipped him back up.  Then I withdrew my hand and zipped him the rest of the way.

I provided her my email address
and website,  She said she could not take him home, because she already has two adult cats.  I said I am a volunteer for the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County, and would see if the kitten could enter the new animal intake system.  I told her to email me for updates.

I wanted to get the cat home immediately, to get him water, a litter box, and a little food if he wanted any.  He appears to be healthy and is continuing to meow.  At a later date I can return to put up "found" posters in the area, and on the Borders community bulletin board nearby.

I am tentatively calling him "Apollo," since he was racing down the highway in broad sunlight.

Apollo loves canned Sheba fish cat food, and was hungrily devouring canned IAMS chicken cat food when I left him this morning.  He plays with a detached squirrel-tail toy from a cat teaser, rolling on his back and kicking it with his rear feet, and bats around a little cat ball.  He peed in his covered litter carrier, then tried to cover it by pawing at the wall.  Finally he got the hang of it, and is now very neat and tidy:  a proper little pooper.

He still cries a good deal--even sometimes while he's eating.  He chirps like a little bird when he tries to cry while he's purring.

The little fellow has been transferred to AWLMC Barb Gee, who will be taking him in for his first vet visit next week.  The Fairfax County Animal Control department has also been notified of a found cat in their jurisdiction.

Our hardworking fosters deserve absolute gratitude and recognition for performing as kitty taxis, veterinary nurses, clean-up crews, adoption presenters, and a thousand-and-one other grueling, invisible duties each and every day of their never-ending commitment to ensure the well-being of every kitty who comes their way.

Visit the League's new, revised website,, for more information about the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County (AWLMC), Maryland, or donate at

Dave O'Connell
American Senior Cats
Montgomery Village, Maryland

Posted: Jun 22, 2007 9:49am | (1) | (0) |  
Blog: I am an Animal Rescuer  
cross posted.  Its what we do and why we are here!!

I Am An Animal Rescuer

I Am An Animal Rescuer
My job is to assist God's creatures.
I was born with the need to fulfill their needs.
I take in new family members without plan, thought or selection.
I have bought dog food with my last dime.
I have patted a mangy head with a bare hand.
I have hugged someone vicious and afraid.
I have fallen in love a thousand times and I have cried into the fur of a lifeless body.
I have Animal Friends and friends who have Animal Friends.
I don't often use the word "pet."
I notice those lost at the road side, And my heart aches.
I will hand raise a field mouse, And make friends with a vulture.
I know of no creature unworthy of my time.
I want to live forever if there aren't animals in Heaven.
But I believe there are!
Why would God make something so perfect and leave it behind?
We may be master of the animals,
But the animals have mastered themselves,
Something people still haven't learned.
War and abuse make me hurt for the world,
But a rescue that makes the news gives me hope for humankind.
We are a quiet but determined army, And making a difference every day.
There is nothing more necessary than warming an orphan.
Nothing more rewarding than saving a life.
No higher recognition than watching them thrive.
There is no greater joy than seeing a baby play who only days ago, was too weak to eat.
I am an Animal Rescuer.
My work is never done.
My home is never quiet.
My wallet is always empty.
But my heart is always full.
In the game of life, I have already won!

-Annette King Tucker

Posted: Feb 23, 2007 10:28am | (2) | (0) |  
Blog: Shelter Manager Point of View  

Cross post from another website. 

As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all...a view from the inside if you will. First off, this is a forum to for adoption and/or rehoming as clearly stated in the rules. All of you breeders/sellers on myspace should not only be flagged (and I hope the good people on myspace will continue to do so with blind fury), but you should be made to work in the "back" of an animal shelter for just one day.

Maybe if you saw the life drain from a few sad, lost, confused eyes, you would change your mind about breeding and selling to people you don't even know…that puppy you just sold will most likely end up in my shelter when it's not a cute little puppy anymore.

So how would you feel if you knew that there's about a 90% chance that dog will never walk out of the shelter it is going to be dumped at? Purebred or not! About 50% of all of the dogs that are "owner surrenders" or "strays", that come into my shelter are purebred dogs. The most common excuses I hear are; "We are moving and we can't take our dog (or cat)." Really? Where are you moving too that doesn't allow pets? Or they say "The dog got bigger than we thought it would". How big did you think a German Shepherd would get? "We don't have time for her…". Really? I work a 10-12 hour day and still have time for my 6 dogs! "She's tearing up our yard…". How about making her a part of your family? They always tell me "We just don't want to have to stress about finding a place for her…we know she'll get adopted, she's a good dog". Odds are your pet won't get adopted & how stressful do you think being in a shelter is?

Well, let me tell you…your pet has 72 hours to find a new family from the moment you drop it off…sometimes a little longer if the shelter isn't full and your dog manages to stay completely healthy…if it sniffles, it dies. Your pet will be confined to a small run/kennel in a room with about 25 other barking or crying animals. It will have to relieve itself where it eats and sleeps. It will be depressed and it will cry constantly for the family that abandoned it. If your pet is lucky, I will have enough volunteers in that day to take him/her for a walk. If I don't, your pet won't get any attention besides having a bowl of food slid under the kennel door and the waste sprayed out of its pen with a high-powered hose. If your dog is big, black or any of the "Bully" breeds (pit bull, rottie, mastiff, etc…) it was pretty much dead when you walked it through the front door.

Those dogs just don't get adopted. If your dog doesn't get adopted within its 72 hours and the shelter is full, it will be destroyed. If the shelter isn't full and your dog is good enough, and of a desirable enough breed…it may get a stay of execution…not for long though. Most get very kennel protective after about a week and are destroyed for showing aggression…even the sweetest dogs will turn in this environment. If your pet makes it over all of those hurdles…chances are it will get kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection and will be destroyed because shelters just don't have the funds to pay for even a $100 treatment.

Here's a little euthanasia 101 for those of you that have never witnessed a perfectly healthy, scared animal being "put-down". First, your pet will be taken from its kennel on a leash…they always look like they think they are going for a walk…happy, wagging their tails. Until they get to "The Room", every one of them freaks out and puts on the breaks when we get to the door…it must smell like death or they can feel the sad souls that are left in there, it's strange, but it happens with every one of them. Your dog or cat will be restrained, held down by 1 or 2 vet techs depending on the size and how freaked out they are. Then a euthanasia tech or a vet will start the process…they will find a vein in the front leg and inject a lethal dose of the "pink stuff".

Hopefully your pet doesn't panic from being restrained and jerk…I've seen the needles tear out of a leg and been covered with the resulting blood and deafened by the yelps and screams. They all don't just "go to sleep", sometimes spasm for a while, gasp for air and defecate on themselves. When it all ends, your pets corpse will be stacked like firewood in a large freezer in the back with all of the other animals that were killed…waiting to be picked up like garbage. What happens next? Cremated? Taken to the dump? Rendered into pet food? You'll never know and it probably won't even cross your mind…it was just an animal and you can always buy another one right?

I hope that those of you that have read this are bawling your eyes out and can't get the pictures out of your head…I do everyday on the way home from work. I hate my job, I hate that it exists & I hate that it will always be there unless you people make some changes and realize that the lives you are affecting go much farther than the pets you dump at a shelter. Between 9 and 11 MILLION animals die every year in shelters and only you can stop it. I do my best to save every life I can but rescues are always full, and there are more animals coming in everyday than there are homes.


Hate me or flag me if you want to…the truth hurts and reality is what it is…I just hope I maybe changed one persons mind about breeding their dog, taking their loving pet to a shelter, or buying a dog. I hope that someone will walk into my shelter and say "I saw this thing on Care2 and it made me want adopt"…that would make it all worth it.

Posted: Feb 21, 2007 1:45pm | (2) | (0) |  
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