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This is an effort to mobilize a single voice in America forcing both Bush And Kerry and their respective parties to completely dismantle the use of torture against prisoners of any kind, including terrorists. Don't just "join". Send a letter.
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Here are some statements to include in letters, emails, and phone calls to your representatives concering this issue:

"It has become apparent that our American culture is being manipulated to accept the concept of "torture" as a legitimate tool of authority.

We must, if we are to maintain our position of leadership of the "free world", immediately take action to reverse this trend.

Prisoners of war and arrested terrorist suspects must not be considered as eligible for torture, no matter how desperate we may be for new information about their groups' intentions, plans, or resources.

Information gained through methods of torture is notoriously unreliable, and has always been disqualified as evidence in American criminal trials because of this fact. Even coercive techniques that fall short of torture have been considered unreliable in our justice system.

Furthermore, we must protect our own society from degenerating into the form of government that relies on torture against its own citizens.

Because many of the men and women in the military are young and will be likely to follow up their military careers in the civilian world of government, law enforcement, and corporate business, we must pay attention to what we are doing.

If these men and women are trained to resort to such methods when motivated by the highest intentions of doing good and protecting society, what are they likely to decide to do when they are advancing through positions of authority in the civilian world over the next 10 or 20 years?

Clearly, by accepting the use of torture in the present war on terrorism, we will have lost that war.

Clearly, we must eschew all reliance on torture in any form.

If we don't, we will soon be seeing our own children, and maybe ourselves, subjected to torture every time the authorities fear even the most petty of crimes and misdemeanors.

We must put a stop to this process!
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