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A place for interfaith discussions, to learn new things and hash out differences. The Golden Rule, the Rule of Three, Harm None: whatever rule you follow that says, "Treat others the way you want to be treated" applies here. Peace...
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Please remember that this board is for debate and sharing, but not for slamming. Flaming will not be tolerated! However, do remember that the nature of belief is that we will disagree at times, so please also remember to be tolerant. If you want an outline of what is considered to be tolerance on this board, please review the concepts at the Religious Tolerance website. And if you need a moderator at any point, please feel free to call me in to any debate - I'm not always able to keep up with everything, but want to try.

Peace, and happy sharing!
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Blog: Rev. Glenn F Hilliker DD  
Earth care is therefore one of the beatitudes of a humane, caring and loving community.  It is also integral to achieving holistic health care: Healthcare = People care and Animal care and Earth care.  The health and wealth of the people (People care) is dependent upon a healthy environment (Earth care) and upon the healthy wild and domestic animal population (Animal care).”  Michael W. Fox, D.Sc., Ph.D., B. Vet. Med., MRCVS

The Enlightened Earth Care Church is a Way of Life interfaith Church.

The church acknowledges as its sole Head, the Creator, Our ancestors did not have a religion; they had a Way of Life. A Way that kept one constantly aware of the sacredness and oneness of all Life. They understood that all things come from Creator, are one with Creator, which Creation and Creator are ONE. One can say that Creator is Life, Love, Intelligence, and since all are of Creator, all things have Life, Love, and Intelligence - Spirit. All things are of Creator, from the farthest Star, to the smallest grain of Sand.

Our ancestors had a spirituality, and lived it every hour of each day (most did, there are always exceptions in all Creation); many still do. Moreover, Creator is Creator, the Great Mystery, whether called God, Allah, Wakan Tanka, Dios, Dineh, or whatever. Most do not even understand what Jesus taught, although they think they do. They do not understand that the Creation and Creator (God) are one.

We recognize Mother Earth as our beginning and ending, and reflection of our Spirit experience given to us by our Creator.
We believe that at one time Two-legged (mankind) all around Mother Earth had this Knowledge and lived in closeness to All Our Relations, thus with Creator.   Nevertheless, most have lost this Knowledge and no longer lived in Harmony.   They do not even understand what Jesus taught, although they think they do.   So because they do not understand that Creation and the Creator, the Great Mystery, whether called God, Allah, Wakan Tanka, Dios, Dineh, or whatever name you chose to call him are one.

Inasmuch as they differ from the reality and the essential teachings of the Manifestations of the Creator, dissensions have arisen and prejudice has developed.  Religious prejudice thus becomes the cause of warfare and battle.  If we abandon these timeworn imitations and investigate reality, all of us will be unified.  No discord will remain; antagonism will disappear.  All will associate in fellowship.

We do not attempt to define the belief of the individual, knowing that belief is a deeply personal matter, a part of our ongoing journey together.

We do recognize, support, and incorporate into the body of our experience as a Church; those practices that we perceive commonly shared and expressed among the many indigenous and modern traditions of Earth Religions.

The Sanctuary shall provide a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and their companion animals to liberate themselves from such violence and abuse.

A Sanctuary for all animals, wild and domestic, that have suffered from injuries, neglect, and violence.

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{ else }   Message: Please Help Me Bring Littlebug Home  
Hi, I am embracing a horrific trauma in my life that has seen three anniversaries since April 15, 2003 in San Diego Family Court and find myself in need of friends like you for your generous support.

I would like for you to sign the following petitions in CARE 2.
I am trying to get District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to do something about perjury and religious hate-crimes in San Diego Family Courts so I can have a fair hearing and bring my Granddaughter I have raised for seven years back home.
I am also going to approach the senate to change some laws In California that are by the people and for the people so please sign the following two petitions in the two links below.
Thank You, the links are below. Please pass it around to your friends, family, etc..

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{ else }   Blog: Letter from God about religion  

Beware of the religious. They are quick to condemn others for the mistakes they have made even though I say to forgive and restore. They look for what is wrong while I seek to create what is right. Religion only tells you what you can not do. I encourage you to look at the possibilities. The religious hide behind a mask of deception and do not want you to show who you really are. I am the Eternal One who is tried and true. My desire for you is to become the person I created you to be. Religion places limits on your life. I came so you could be set free. Religion doubts. I dwell in those who believe. The religious attitude makes one feel they are better than others but I say you should serve your fellow man. Religion separates My children. I desire to unite them together as one family. Many will come in My name but not all who claim to represent Me are from Me. You will know My children by their fruits. Those who are born of Me will bear the fruits of love, patience, kindness, peace and joy. They will have no need to claim they are from Me. My presence radiates in their life and testifies they are Mine. My children heal the broken hearted and encourage the discouraged. They cause you to believe even when there seems to be no reason to. My children know the path to freedom and set free the ones who are held in bondage. I invite you to become a part of My family today. As My child you should have no fear of tomorrow because you are held in the arms of the One who holds tomorrow in his hands.

Your Father,

Watch the video of this letter at

copyright 2007 soulflix

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Message: The Holy Qur'an  
You can Download The translations of the
meanings of the Qur'an in many languages by King fahd complex for
printing the holy Qur'an from it for free which are very trusted.

just right click on the Adobe Acrobat icon then choose save as

Or you can read the translation of the meanings online from the site of King Fahad Holy Quran printing complex : The holy Qur'an

Also I found an Article, it's title :Top 6 Qur'an Commentary & Companion Texts

Some of the book in the previous Article, you can read them online (or download them) for free. The free books:
"Ulum al-Quran," by Ahmad von Denffer

"Way to the Quran," by Khurram Murad

Hope to read the Qur'an to know Islam better and to get rid of the stereotype.

Salaam (peace)

Posted: May 6, 2006 8:45am | (0) | (0) |  
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