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for the Organization of activists, working under one umbrella and systematially prioritizing the activism work needing to be done, and creating systems that allow the turn to natural law so that earth can return to balance go we go plan plant planet
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Restoring Hope through Education , Action, Awareness
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We are a Project of the
and the entire World along with is our Community of Activists!
We are Fighting for Freedom & Organizing online and Working locally,
Working to move beyond Capitalism... and end Wage - Slavery

to Build Communities that work for the People for Humanity, and with-in the laws of Nature some key issues are

Sustainability and Balance, Housing and Community, Food , Health , Medicine Community and Communication Values Freedoms and Standards
Goals and Ideas :
more Co-operation instead of competition

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Jan 10, 2009

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by (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Partial Cross Consolidation & Rule 53 'pursuant in' POWER & PREJUDICE:Mormon Manson's daughter subjected to 'question' due to Mormon history. I matter and the government thinks they can butt in to my religious beliefs. But ...

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