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The Bonobo is "Cupid's Ape", it is man's closest ancestor and it makes "Love not War". The Bonobo is one of the worlds nicest and most endangered animals and we ignore it because our corporations control our media and they want the gold, Silver and Ura
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NEW - The Grand Bonobo PETITION-ATHON!!!!!!

Up to 80 Bonobos are killed every week and there's only a few thousand left!

It is critical that the plight of the Bonobo is drawn to the attention of the wider public and we believe our petition, back with media targetting can achieve this.

For the week commencing 1st of July 2006 we are asking all group members wo sign the Save Bonobo petition. We aim to get our petition to 10,000 as quickly as possible.

Pan Paniscus Management Team are also going to pull their weight and we have each agreed send our 1,000 Friends of Friends requests via Network Messaging, we find a polite note to be highly effective.

Please take this call to action seriously! We cannot wait until Bonobo are down to hundreds until the alert is finaly heard.

Here is a sample request:

Please help me save Pigmy Apes

Dear friend,

There is an animal catasrophe happening in the Congo thanks to man's greed for precious metals and ores.

It is looking very likely that Bonobo Apes (pigmy chimpanzees) will be extinct within just a few years (95% population drop in two decades)

I am a member of Pan Pansicus, a group set up to raise awareness of the plight of the Bonobo Apes in the hope that urgent action can be taken.

Please may I ask you to sign our petition:

And also to recommend it to your friends. This is a very important and urgent petition.
Thank you very much

See our website for more details,

Bonobo - Pan paniscus, Schwarz, 1929.


HABITAT Mostly primary and secondary forest, although seasonally inundated swamp forest is also utilised.

GEOGRAPHICAL SPREAD Restricted to the central Zaire Basin, Congo.

CURRENT POPULATION Difficult to survey because of habitat type; estimates range from 13,000 to 200,000.

SIZE Head and body length 7 to 83cm.

WEIGHT Males 37 to 61kg. Females 27 to 38kg.

AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCY Unknown. Probably similar to that for the Common Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes).

NORMAL DIET Fruit comprises most of the diet. Other vegetable matter and invertebrates are also taken.

NORMAL LIFESTYLE Social structure is based on communities of 30 to 50 animals. Sleeping nests are built in trees. Bonobos frequently stand upright unlike Common Chimpanzees and also have a higher propensity to make and use tools. Bonobos specialise in social, sexual and possibly even linguistic communication.

PREVIOUS GEOGRAPHICAL SPREAD Similar to current geographic spread.

REASONS FOR DECLINE Decline has mostly occurred since the 1970s when increasing human population pressures forced Bonobos to retreat into remote forest areas.

CURRENT THREATS Habitat loss (logging, agriculture) and hunting (bushmeat) are the principal threats to this species.

CONSERVATION PROJECTS They have been mostly studied at two sites: the Lomako forest and Wamba. At Wamba, people and Bonobos coexist peacefully, as local traditions here say that the Chimps and Humans were brothers in the past. A Bonobo Protection and Conservation Fund has been established to contribute to the protection and further study of this species. Protected by national law, but with little enforcement.

SPECIAL FEATURES Bonobos are arguably the most human like animal.

Sign the petition to save the Bonobo

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{ else }   Blog: 15 juli 2006: Lezing Jane Goodall in Rotterdam  
Dr. Jane Goodall komt weer naar Nederland !! Op donderdag
7 september geeft Jane Goodall een publiekslezing in de aula van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

Tijdens deze avond zult u, naast de inspirerende lezing van Jane Goodall, zeer interessante bijdragen horen van:

prof. Jan van Hooff, emeritus hoogleraar en primatoloog, verbonden aan de Universiteit Utrecht;
prof. Ab Osterhaus,  hoogleraar virologie, verbonden aan de Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

De lezing begint om 19.30 uur en is voor iedereen toegankelijk. Na de lezing zal er ruim de tijd zijn voor de gebruikelijke signeersessie door Jane.

Kaarten voor de lezing kunnen worden gereserveerd via het reserveringsformulier , via email: of telefonisch 0570-658989.

De entree bedraagt € 15 voor volwassenen en € 7.50 voor studenten tot 24 jaar. De opbrengst komt ten goede aan Jane Goodall Nederland.

Een routebeschrijving naar de aula van de Erasmus Universiteit kunt u hier downloaden (opent een PDF bestand).

De avond wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met de
New Knowledge Club, Avenance Nederland en de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

Posted: Aug 15, 2006 4:06am | (2) | (0) |  
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