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Against the slaughter of horses of all ages, pregnant mares and foals. Rodeo, racehorses, horses used by the Amish, police, wild mustangs, broodmares, pleasure horses, farm, show horses and many other horses. These horses are killed brutally and then the
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Apr 9
Message: Petition: Please read & sign Against Horse Slaughter Businesses
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Blog: The older horse  

Resistance Free Training: The Older Horse


Shrake, R.

By bonding and using the pecking order, you will set up the foundation to teach your horse softness in his mouth and sides, giving you a totally new feel. Learn how to detect burn-out and what to do with it to transform your horse to a willing partner. See drills and collection exercises that will shorten or lengthen his stride, speed-up or slow-down his gaits. Your horse can be trained and will change to become more valuable no matter how old he is.

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{ else }   Blog: Little Red  
'Little Red'

Years ago when i first started working wild horses i meant the roan stallion i would come to call 'Little Red' . I knew Theodore Roosevelt National Park had several herds of wild horses, i also heard it was the best place to find paints. I didn't know where to begin my search nor the life changing experience that awaited.

Day after day i would circle the park, a horse here, a band there, but mile marker 8 always had this red stallion with his band in the area. Like clock work the herd mare would lead the band to a water hole and there guarding was red. It was a easy name, his mares where bigger. I photographed him fighting stallions, breeding , and protecting all he had and would ever represent during a three year period. Him and his band where a constant in the park. If i couldn't find another horse, i could count of him.

It didn't start out that way for me. First time i tried to work his herd, he run right towards me, i had no ideal what to expect, he came so close and give me the evil eye. I a greenhorn, climbed the closest thing i could find. When he walked back towards his mares, i got down and laid on the grass. slowly we inched towards each other. I didn't try to take pictures, letting him make the terms. He needed to get several things straight with me. First his purpose. Disrespect that and all else ends. Over time and years and experiences, i could reach out and touch members of his band. I was the first human many of his new-borns saw. We begun to understand each other.

I got wind of change. That the Park Service was planning a round-up. After talking to them, i knew it was horses like red they were looking to get. Far to many young horse starting to look like Red and not paints. It happened later that October. Friends from the area give me bets and pieces. I couldn't return the following year. It took several before i did. Shocked isn't the right word, when i heard they didn't capture him. But the round-up did something no other stallion could and many tried. They broke his spirit, took his mares, disbanded all he held spiritual. In the end, Little Red found a part in the park where he could be left alone. Crossed the Little Missouri river never to be seen again.

Respect your purpose, protect it, be willing to die over it. Because there are those hoping to take it away. Little Red

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