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Welcome to our passionate clicking group! Please make it a personal daily priority to visit Care 2 and The Hunger Site daily and click on their links and peruse the ads from their partners. Isn’t this the very least you can do?  

For those who do not have their own bookmarks, we have posts for individual sites in our post. Each post begins with a link to a click site, instructions for clicking (if complicated) will be contained in the first very first post. It will also indicate the number of clicks per day allowed per computer. [Ctrl] + click opens that page so you can click, then you can complete your post (and earn points so you can donate more). Click sites come and go, and we are always looking for new ones (and also information about ones that have closed), it would also be good if clicking devotees would share their experiences so we can all help on the active ones.

Use what you want, or ask hosts and friends who are active in the group


Hosts, Care2 friends


See how your clicks are helping now.
All projects are active, even after our goal is reached, so keep clicking!

Please Read..!!

There are too many click free sites here and we don't want our friends to support a fake site, so, if you know which site is fake ..please let us know..
and be the eyes and ears for helping each other

Thanks from my heart
Care2 friends

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