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This is a group where anrachists and communists can work to our common goal of freedom and heal the wounds between our split philosiphy.
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The 10 rules of the revolutionary

1. A real revolutionary does not utilize elements such as racial, nationalist, or religious bias.

2. A revolutionary is a revolutionary at all times. Denial of revolutionary status is rejection of revolution.

3. A revolutionary does not refrain from duty ever unless it is clearly immoral i.e. genocide, mass execution, terrorism on non strategic facilities, ECT, ECT.

4. The revolutionary is the beacon of the ideals that found the revolution and as such must, I repeat must at all times embody this ideal completely.

5. A real revolutionary is aware of all threats to the revolution and must be prepared to execute action against all threats at any time.

6. A real revolutionary when defeated, utterly, does not surrender. He/She dies in glory lest he/she be tortured and/or publicly executed and converted into another piece of propaganda.

7. A revolutionary can never be complacent even once the revolution is won.

8. A revolutionary must be prepared to engage in so-called "acts of terrorism" against strategic and military facilities.

9. A revolutionary must be constantly prepared for revolt and for philosophical inquiry.

10. A revolutionary must abstain from governmental emplacement; he/she must remain a high ranking official of the Revolutionary army which must not be dissolved until the last bourgeois capitalist has left this planet.

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