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Consciousness, knowing, awareness, what is reality? Come and discuss the concept of consciousness and what it means to you. Where does existence come from? Does all this really exist? What do we really know about consciousness? Spiraling into consciousnes

Consciousness is what we are. That is the measure of our existence because without it we are not aware. The sciences try to grasp and come to an agreement on the definition of consciousness. What ever the sect of science that you are in; biology, math, psychology, physics, or any other kind of science that may exist today you probably have a particular idea of your own about what consciousness is.

Many of the religions and philosophies try to explain consciousness. Can they come to an agreement on what consciousness really is and why we are conscious?

Here we can discuss/ dialogue consciousness. Please enjoy the ideas of others and respect each otherís concepts.

Take your enthusiasm for the mind and existence and experience the group and discover the spectrum of what we term consciousness.

Think of dreams too.

This group will mostly focus on news of discoveries about consciousness. There will be a news letter type posting that will inform about the latest findings about consciousness. There is no definite schedule for this news as the findings will come as they will.

You can also visit this link over to this group called Unified Theory of Consciousness

There is some intersting stuff over there.
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5 years ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Andrea : That link is daunting! I would recommend some reading by Daniel Dennet or Doug Hofstadter, or even Dr. Ramachandran (phantoms in the brain). ... more»
by A K.
8 years ago (3 replies) |
Last reply by Nancy : Agreed. We are all part of a common divinity, manifesting Itself in forms, which we/god then utilize to work out the grand design. There is no separation, we are all One in reality. Namaste, ND ... more»
8 years ago (3 replies) |
Last reply by Anonymous : Nice point Edwin in mentioning the fact observation can skew results of a 'living' entity, but us all producing electro-magnetic waves and living in them all the time makes one wonder... We cannot also forget 'human and computer... more»
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