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This discussion is about how housing and juvenile justice system works together making money off of families! How housing destroys families!
Innocent and convicted in November of 2012. The San Diego Sheriff's will not take responsibility for their actions. The DA's Office will not take responsibility and reopen the case. The DA hid crucial evidence that would have cleared Cory Desarno of Lakeside CA. The trial was a mess. Tainted jury, evidence not told or shown, witnesses were excused, so that young Cory would not have a chance. The co-defendants were the ones responsible for the crimes committed against a young man named Kyle Wilson. A 246 A and 246 B. Cory served nine months in jail for a crime he didn't commit. There is proof, statements from people stating that Cory Desarno was not present at the incident. The night of the incident he was in Crest CA. The DA used a lying witness who never met Cory in her life. She picked Cory out of a fixed photo lineup. Cory was going to be released by the judge and then the DA started running his mouth about some things 8 years ago. The judge then changed his mind and sentenced COry Desarno to 9 years in prison. The kids who testified against him were lying to protect one of the co-defendants, who was a two striker and didn't want to go to prison. The witnesses now are afraid to tell the truth because they broke the law. I am asking the public to please help with his defense funds. We must raise 20,000.00 for a defense attorney to set him free. Go to and Convicted
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