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Those wacky neoCons have everything going for them: the presidency, congress, the courts, money, the military, and a sickly servile media. But the one thing they lack is a neoCon brand. Let’s give them one. Let’s give them dead elephants!
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DeadElephant.ORG “anti-marketing” campaign

DeadElephant.ORG - an underground “anti-marketing” campaign against the GOP - is spreading FAST! The campaign features 50 bumper-strips in a single theme, all with a dead GOP elephant logo, available instantly and free direct from the web-site - just click, print, and use tape!

“Freedom - to Jail Anybody”
“Torture and apple pie”
“A good war lasts forever!”

They capture that earnest neoCon self-satisfaction perfectly. Our goal is to put half-a-million DeadElephants on the street by Election Day. Bloggers and social networkers are making that happen right now. Please have a look, and then tell your friends: www.DeadElephant.ORG (and “Digg” the news while you’re there!)

The one thing those wacky neoCons lack is a BRAND. So let’s give them DEAD ELEPHANTS popping up everywhere! Tell your friends!
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THINGS WE NEED DONE ! 2 9 years ago
Where have you posted notice of this campaign toda... 3 9 years ago
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