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This group has been created to instigate awareness about the oppressive nature of mainstream (pop) psychology, psychiatry, and social work. It seeks to deconstruct harmful labels/diagnoses, which have been created for the economic gain of a privileged few
"The Harm Suffered by Many People because of a Psychiatric/Psychological Diagnosis is a Well-Kept Secret":

Dr. Mary Boyle discusses the pitfalls in diagnosing. Also Richard P. Bentall shows that if you get to the bottom of the symptoms, there is no 'disorder' left to explain: (For some reason the billboard will not allow me to post the full address, so either go below to Steve R's group share for the complete link or click on this and go to Volume 20 Part 5 May 2007 "Diagnosis Special Issue - Part 1 and 2") 

"Psychiatry: No Science, No Cures":

Mental Health Liberation and Anti-Psychiatry Movement:

About Mental Health Human Rights:

List of Readings that Critique and Challenge Psychiatry:
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Last reply by Elaine : Hypnosis is mind control I Hate physchology I did A level as a teen I totally disagreed with all they said and left the course as for physiactry/doctors them drug pushers. Meds mess up a persons mind even more so. Labels are put... more»
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