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This is a group for woman/men going through domestic economic abuse (D.E.A.), from mid-to-high-income families. Our goal is to raise awareness for these abused women/men. Please help us help them.
Please don't forget, currently we are talking about 'victims from the high middle and from the high income families'. So, I think, you can imagine that very few people believe this. We already succeeded to get help for the women from the low income families. One more thing, at the moment a woman finds out that she is going through domestic economic abuse, she has to stop working. Because it turns out, that the husband every minute can 'put on her' a 'huge loan' that he himself gets out, without the knowledge of his spouse.These women need emotional help.With this group we hope to raise awareness and find help for them.This is not the type of group that I usually do,but reading about this has touched a part of me and I feel as though I am being 'called' do this. [The words above refer to both women and men victims of domestic economic violence.] [Dianne Lynn]

Dear members who are going through domestic economic abuse, allow me to share with you what I did and continue to do here in Israel. Maybe what I am going to write here, can help you. When I understood that I am going through domestic economic abuse I did the following things: I went and looked for other people who are at the same situation as I am, who are going through just domestic economic abuse. After I found them, we set up our organization, by the name "Maka Mezalzelet". More than 6 years we are working at the whole country under the title of "a supported organization by another organization". Now we work on to have our independent organization. After setting up our organization, I started to write case studies about the victims who visited our meeting of our organization. After I had enough case studies about DEA, I turned to Dr Mina Tzemach to ask her to prepare a statistical study about the existence of domestic economic abuse in Israel. She agreed to do that and you can see some of this study's resluts on: 
I went and found people who are currently involved submitting new law to the Knesset and together with them wrote the law suggestion, and found a Knesset member who submitted the law suggestion. I went to all the mobile phone company and asked them for a free mobile phone that included a free number of calls for each month. It took me time, but after some months one of the mobile phone companies gave me for free a mobile phone. I turned to the media in order to get publicity and published the mobile phone number so that people can reach me and learn about the existence of domestic economic abuse. Together with volunteers I found several bakeries and greenery shopes at the whole country, who at the end of the day, allow people to get the goods that remained on a given day. And till that day, I continue to ask my friends for a little money that allow me once a week to buy a bus ticket and get out from my home, and meet people who are at the same situation as I am. [Koty
Thank you for being a member of our group! We  support a suggested law against "domestic economic abuse" in Israel and  hope you would  
consider to sign our petition : 




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