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instead of having the complexity of 200 some national governments perhaps it is time to think about having just one global government. Then we could replace war funding on a national level. To funding global welfare on the EARTH level
Global Government- EARTH "Policy Ideas"

Roads to recovery from climate change
To rebuild all 69,000,000 kilometres of roads in the world. To upgrade the surface condition and add a 1.5 metre(5 foot) wide bicycle lane travelling in each direction. One of the simpliest solutions to climate change is human power transport. It is cheaper in the long run and as and add benefit, it improve health.

War funding to global welfare
With the amount of money each nation is spending on war funding, you could say that the world is in a state of global war. each nation is churning out billions dollar for global war that nobody wish to fight. Surely it would be better to churn this money into global welfare and wipeout poverty. Currently the world is spending 1.69 trillion dollar on global war. Which equals an addition 130,000,000 living on global welfare at $500 per fortnight. Out of 1,000,000,000 living in poverty for a global welfare cost of 13 trillion dollars

Fair Wages Award
the Fair Wages Award should see all workers as equals. And pay all employees the average wage in the developed world
Hourly rate $35.00 per hour in 2010
yearly wage increase $1.00 per hour
above 8 hours per day 150%
above 10 hours per day 200%
saturday 150%
sunday 200%
public holidays 200% when working 
publicholidays 100% when not working 
night shift from 6.00pm to 6.00am 125%
annual leave 20 working days
sick leave 5 days
10% employer contributions

Earth Dollar
We should seek to install a single global currency. Which would allow poor nations to complete with rich nation on the same level playing field. A single Earth Currency would improve world trade and world tourism

Earth language
I think it is important for the earth to speak just one language. But what should that language be. Imagine the tool for peace when every child could have an online friend with a child from every nation on earth. A source of division between the peoples of earth is language. If we could all speak the same language. then we would be one step closer to world peace and unity

Earth Taxation
Everyone knows that we pay 50 cents in the dollar tax. So why not simplify the global taxation system to incorpate just one tax. A goods and services taxation or GST at 50%. The 50% GST is paid via business and self employed people
1) abolish all nation taxes
2) introduce a 50% GST
3) 20% of GST goes towards the states
4) 80% of GST goes towards the global government- EARTH
5) state and nation taxation should be divide into two 50% slices. With the first to be split via population of a region and the second slice to be split via land area of each region

Earth health care
Global health care should be fund via the taxpayer  and provide free of charge the service of health care, dental and prescription medicine
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