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Not all democracies are equal. Some suck way more than others. This group is dedicated to getting rid of first past the post elections in favour of better methods such as IRV or MMP. Other issues: campaign finance reform and electronic voting.
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Consider an election with three leading candidates, A, B and C. 55% of voters prefer A over B. 80% prefer A over C. The democracies of the US, UK, Canada and Mexico would allow B to win, and often do. And this is only the beginning of the problems. The efforts of voters to work around this flaw creates far more insidious long term problems, especially in the US where the two leading parties exploit the situation to prevent any serious competition from third parties. The two leading parties, lacking competition from their own side, inevitably become corrupt, incompetent, unethical and beset with cronyism.

The American public tend to be far more ignorant of these problems and the easy solutions to them than citizens of other countries.

Good alternatives to this system include a range of options from Instant Runoff Voting, which involves the least change, to proportional representation, which involves the most. See the glossary for more info.

This group is not just for citizens of 'problem' democracies. There are many alternatives and if you think your country has a good one please share it.

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The American electoral system is flawed because of the vote counting system used. Under the current 'first past the post' vote counting system:

1) A candidate can lose an election even if he is the majority favourite (the spoiler effect)

2) People do not feel they can vote for who they really want (strategic voting). In order to avoid the spoiler effect they feel they should instead vote for one of the two major parties.

Strategic voting destroys the chances of 'third parties,' which leaves the two major parties without adequate competition. Rather than competing on a level playing field they are only competing against each other. It is then easy for both major parties to accpet bribes from the same interest groups. The artificially reinforced two party duopoly is the main reason why American political leaders are so slow to respond to the will of the people.

There are simple ways to eliminate these problems, such as instant runoff voting, that do not fundamentally change the system of representation, that do not involve computerised voting and do not introduce any other problems.

Find out more here:

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Message: What do I expect from group members?  
Many hosts expect active participation from group members and desire constant activity on their groups. I don't. Many people I invite to my groups express concern that they don't have the time to devote to more groups. My groups are their for the benefit of members and I am happy for them to get something from the group in their own time and return nothing, even if they ask lots of questions. In many of my groups I would rather have a small amount of information that is of timeless value rather than a constant stream of chatter (though I don't mind if you just want to chat). I welcome debates as they help to ensure that the information provided is sound. I often rewrite my posts after lengthy debates as I find that I can express my views much more clearly and concisely and back them up more rigourously.

But don't be afraid to contribute if you have something!
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