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{ else }   Alert: Ancient Tazmanian Forest Destruction!  
Action Request:Petition
Location:United Kingdom
     Tazmania is clearfelling its native, old-growth forests at an
     astonishing rate and this continued destruction is affecting so
     much as a result. The true story of Tazmania's logging Industry
     is both devistating and unbelievable! Protected species are NOT
     being protected as forests are totally eradicated; complete
     felling of the area followed by the dropping of napalm means no
     life can continue to survive. The Government is
     allowing this, both through political corruption and continued
     funding (bribery) by the logging Industries, to happen.

     To read more about the Clearfelling of Tazmania's Ancient Forests:;jsessionid=OSZYZIUXYN1BPQFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/earth/2007/06/28/eatas128.xml

Take Action! Please sign the petition and help...

Thank you for your time,
Posted: Dec 30, 2007 6:08am | (0) | (0) |  
Message: :::: ECO - Ed :::  
hey, read on,

Education Elation: Schools Graded “Green” Test Best

It’s an educational axiom that student performance is directly related to a school’s environment. The nicer and safer the surroundings, the greater the student achievement. Taking this idea to heart, more and more schools are extending the concept of “school environment” to, well… the environment. Maybe they’ve seen the new survey that finds green facilities enhance learning. Or perhaps they’re following the lead of New York State, which this fall will mandate the use of green cleaning products in schools.

[Here’s a lesson we’re glad schools are finally learning. Visit our site for some textbook examples of eco-ed…]

Posted: Jan 12, 2006 5:58pm | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Tribute: 100 years old - What a trip  
Name:Albert Hofmann
Type:Tribute (for the living)
To Honor:Individual(s)
Location:, Switzerland

Dr. Albert Hofmann
January 11, 1906

Dr. Albert Hofmann (1906 - ) is a prominent Swiss scientist and best known as the "father" of LSD. He was born in Baden, Switzerland, and studied chemistry at the University of Zurich. His main interest was the chemistry of plants and animals.

Dr. Albert Hofmann, Ph.D., Dr. Pharm.(Hon.), Dr. Sc.Nat.(Hon.), Head of the Pharmaceutical-Chemical Research Laboratories (retired), Division of Natural Products, Sandoz, Ltd., Basel, Switzerland, Member of the Nobel Prize Committee, Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences, Member of the International Society of Plant Research and the American Society of Pharmacognosy.

To help celebrate Dr. Hofmann's life and birthday, a wonderful international symposium is set to be held in Basel, Switzerland, on January 13-15 2006. This symposium will feature some of the most famous scientists, writers, artists, and friends of Dr. Hofmann with presentations and discussion forums. You can find out more and order tickets at the event's website:

Posted: Jan 10, 2006 9:56am | (1) | (0) |  
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