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So many of us say "If I knew then what I know now..." I realized yesterday that we can share that. Join me and let's...
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Yesterday I sat down with my daughter's fiance to watch the Ultra sound vhs tape from my pregnancy with my daughter. We watched as she moved about within that safe place in my womb, and the absolute wonder of being able to actually see her sucking her thumb! Wow!

I explained to him how I would massage my belly, speak to her in calm soft tones, read to her, explain to her what I was doing during the day, and be aware of how running, jumping, or other activities may upset or frighten her, so I would "think" and talk to her to reassure her. I put headphones on my belly and played celtic music by various artists, classical music, and some older rock classics. I did not smoke or allow anyone to smoke around me, drink alcohol or caffiene, and took herbal/mineral dietary supplements daily.
She is the youngest of my four children, and my only daughter. I absolutely loved being pregnant, and considered it a priviledge.

As a child I was actually autistic, a genius, extremely claustrophobic, mildly agoraphopbic (if there is such a thing as mildly in that regard), and I wonder how much of that is attributable to pre-birth experience.

My parents were young, fought constantly. My father was a struggling musician. My mother, still a teenager, pregnant, stayed at home in a small apartment over the bar where he played at night when he got off work at the gas station where he worked during the day. He drank heavily, and smoked. My mother drank but didn't smoke (cigarettes). She was constantly in that smoke filled enviornment however. Her father, sister, and most of their friends smoked also.
I see young pregnant women these days fighting with their boyfriends, or sticking a cigarette in their mouth, or worse, a joint, staying out late, partying with their friends, putting themselves and their baby at risk, stressing over situations in which they have little or no control...

If I knew then what I know now

What can we give these young women?
These babies?

Consider this: If it is true that energy cannot be created, or destroyed, then when our bodies die, it is therefore quite possible that we continue as energy.
It may therefore also be true that we continue , depending on what kind of life we lived, and how our bodies died, as postive or negative energy.

Can we, as parents, make a difference in the lives and energy of our children?

I don't think this is about prevention as much as it is about effective, realistic communication and demonstration. Someone is going to listen. What do we want to say to them? Someone is watching. What do we want them to see?

What is our gift to the babies?
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