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the force behind greenways, is movement, the movement of animals, and the enjoyment that greenways provide, for all, most of the greenways, are by the most part , streams, the cities use them to install, water pipes or drainage, so most are owned.
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welcome, my name is wayne rhyne, i want to share with you the beauty, that greenways,provide. first they make room for people to walk ,along the trails that follow, water, as water flows by gravity, its all the streams, they run through out, every town, every city, to provide, movement, by animals. a person who has land allong a stream, can open it to other people to walk through, and enjoy what little nature we have left, each person that permits movement, through, welcomes, animals, and people. the ones who do not have greenways, can help by working with this program, in many different, ways. there, are streams that need cleaning up , trails to be made, and of course, the finale victory, that all people and animals can have a safe ,walk, enjoy the comfort zones, that we will provide. the future of these greenways, are unlimited, they can hook up, and form a system, that can provide complex, echo systems, that reach, from the mountains to the sea, all over the earth, the dream to save space for us as people, and animals will greatly releave the highway deaths of millions of animals, by provideing, food , water,as well as a clear path for people to hike and enjoy nature, it is a great pleasure to be host to greenways. i myself allready, provide such a place, and i hope to help others to do the same, its real work but it will give life to the earth and its family of beast and people. i welcome all to this project, it is non profit. i hold each year, a fund raiser, thats on oct, 31 every year from now to enifity. its not going away only forward, also i find it a joy working with people who care, we of course will provide, fun and games, for all that wishes to join, lets party hardy, but make it pay for the greenways. thank you for your time and understanding. wayne rhyne
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