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This CARE2 group is for the discussion and promotion of Rehabilitation of Inmates & Reform of Prisons. Punishment has only proved beneficial for the Prison Industrial Complex and has had a profoundly negative impact on society.
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My prayer is for all who lie down in chains and cages Alone and afraid on a concrete floor Soundless screams lost beneath the clang of metal Locked in rooms most will never see I feel their fear arise in my soul, ancient yet new A primal flame burning against the walls of my heart I want to scream an endless note, loud and true Gassed, forgotten Beaten, forgotten Electrocuted, forgotten Abandoned, forgotten Caged, forgotten Shackled, forgotten Murdered, forgotten And with my eyes, they will be seen With my voice, they will be heard With my hands, they will know comfort With my action, they will be free ~ by Unknown author
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Tired of paying incredible amounts of money to make calls to your loved ones who are incarcerated?
 Many correctional facilities utilize the services from private telephone companies so inmates can have the opportunity to communicate with loved ones outside of their confines. 
     Many of these private firms, knowing they are the sole source of communication for detainees inflate the rates of their services to as much as 500% of the cost of a normal telephone call. 
Makes you wonder if the right people are in jail... 

    JailTimePhoneLine has developed unique technology to allow you to have a "local" (to the prison) phone line that rings wherever you live!!  This means with JailTimePhoneLine, the inmate will be calling a "local" number to reach you, your home, or office bypassing the long-distance companies who prey on incarcerated individuals and charging upwards of $1.50 - $2.50 a minute for a long distance telephone call.
    As an average phone call lasts just over twelve minutes, and occurs at least once a week, the average monthly bill is around $60 Because of this, many families can barely afford to even speak to their loved ones  or find themselves having to choose between everyday necessities and TELEPHONE CALLS?

     It is precisely this reason that JailTimePhoneLine exists.  A majority of our staff have been living with this long distance price gouging ourselves and with a great deal of research, and a few financial backers we discovered, designed and refined our service using allot of the same equipment utilized by the larger communication companies and some specialized proprietary software that enabled us to bypass the crushing fees demanded by long-distance service providers and deliver the lowest cost service available. Our Service is the same quality of the leading long-distance  service providers but at a greatly reduced cost.

      In the past five years the technology needed to accomplish this service has been improved upon greatly, and with the advancements in telecommunications and the cost of electronic equipment dropping faster than virtually any other commodity in the world - one would assume that the rates involved in utilizing these technologies would reflect this diminishing overhead, but this has not been the case.

   The truth is telecommunication firms' profits have been increasing at the astonishing rate of 380% a year for the last 8 years, and last year that number jumped to 875%. Every individual being incarcerated today are being Jimmy the Ball

squeezed by the  opportunistic firms who double and even triple the fees charged to detainees, operating in a captive market - who with little to no options to choose from are seldom forced to pay these incredible rates just to be able to talk with a loved one, friend or relative.  PayPal - It's Fast Safe and Secure!

Louie The Convict

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Blog: Please sign to help Oregon famiilies be strengthen and learn the small things before release

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Focus:Human Rights
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States
Please read these Stories there are 2 new stories , NOTE them and pass them on     Post them in your Groups. Please sign our petitions there are 2  on the Care  2 network ...  You will help to save Lives... This is about " Timothy Joe Souders"  and it continues to be heart Breaking. Help us change this ...

Published: October 27. 2006 3:00AM Editorials

End Torturous Prison Restraint Practice
Published: October 26. 2006 3:00AM Local

JEFF GERRITT: System could hide the truth on prison health care

and Please post your comments on the link above at the Detroit Free Press.  Thank-you for your support and Prayers.... Let's  make a difference.

TIM AND FISH.jpg     100_0698.JPG         I will use the last picture for Tim's Story's....

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