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we care2 froggies want to get back our original accounts with all we have collected there for years, friends, contacts, pictures,control of our groups. we will help each other and support each other with that goal in mind
we are the tiny frogs (members) of care2 who are sad to see our place here diminishing. butterflies may be quite useful and attractive and are also very good to eat. but frogs are earth's coalmine canaries. if we don't survive, neither will the environment.

Group Discussions
by Ro L.
10 months ago (4 replies) |
Last reply by rosemary : well both blogs are still active even though their purpose is long gone...people use them to collect butterflies now. well, i guess that is better than cluttering up other areas with meaningless butterfly posts. notice that... more»
10 months ago (8 replies) |
Last reply by Anonymous : care2 has shifted it's priorities. it seems to coincide with it becoming a corporation and may be more concerned with the wishes of it's biggest shareholders. i hope that this is not true. in any case groups have become a... more»
by Ro L.
1 year ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by rosemary : some of the old frogs have migrated to other ponds. it is sad to see them go...    some of us are still trying to survive... ... more»
by Ro L.
2 years ago (3 replies) |
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