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I am not incharge of but I am just trying to get this out and across to people. Gay marriage should not be wrong. It's their decision not yours or the governments.
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i'm not gay but Isupport. Discrimination against gay, bi or lesbian people has gotten out of hand. It's past time to stand up and do something. Signing petitions and joining support groups is progress. Join this group and many others to show your support.

Copy onto your page and show your support

how can you tell someone not to love the person they love
how can you look at that as something wrong,its love
your aloud to love arent you?
why shouldnt other people be aloud the same privalege?
what makes you so special?
what makes you so superior?
how is their happiness going to ruin your life?

your tellin people they should be denied there rights because of who they are
women fought to vote to work to take part in the government to be treated equally
well were fighting too
for the same things and
to be able to be with the ones who we love
to marry who we love
how would you feel if you fell in love and you were told no you cant be with them
how would you feel if your feelings for someone were so strong
but you had to hide it everyday
hiding your true feelings
cause people shun "your type" people shun your love
your told those feelings arent aloud
even though you feel so amazing
you wanna tell everyone how happy you are

you dont have half the courage they have
you live your life just fine
think of what they go threw
how exactly would you feel if you loved someone
and got the crap beaten out of you everyday just for that
how would you feel?
if everyday you were insulted
deprived of your privelages just for loving someone
you wouldnt be to happy now i didnt think so...
their not in your way, were not in your way
mind your own business
worry about your own life

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