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This group is dedicated to my country, Italy. A country where animal rights are still looked upon with sneer,where the environment is given little or no importance. A country whose nature doesn't deserve the mistreatments it has to endure.
Dear Friends,

The petition which started this group has been delivered and I'm going to update you as soon as I have a feedback.
I want to thank with all my heart all those wonderful people who signed, who helped gather more signatures and who spread the word, helping reach a total of 711 signatures.

After some recent happenings I have decided to dedicate this group to my country.

  • Our "prime minister" is insulting the whole EU and all those countries who contribute so much to help the environment, with his choice of using a veto against the environmental targets proposed by the Eu to all the memebers of the European Union.
  • Hunters are allowed to hunt for over half the year, and they are allowed to enter private property without permission and with loaded weapons.Several cases occurred where pets were killed by hunters because by barking they were "scaring the prey". Hunting is promoted as a sport and a cultural heritage.
  • Furcoats and fur farms are sadly common. Furcoats have always been a status-symbol in Italy. There is an absurd amount of fur coats shops, even in small villages like the one I live in.
  • Dog shelters are "no kill", but this doesn't mean that dogs are kept in an appropriate manner. So often too many shelters have been compared to WW2 lager camps.
These are just a small sample of the problems in Italy.

I therefore ask you all to boycott Italy and italian products, and to sign petitions to support the campaigns against a lifestile which is anything but "sweet".
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