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YOU are a Lightworker If you feel called to heal and help others,Know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure of what it is or how to fulfil it, and Feel compelled to write, teach or counsel about your healing experiences.
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What is a Lightworker? A light worker is determined by his or her mission. Lightworkers share light and love around the world with others. By sharing their light, lightworkers empower others toward their own pattern shifts and spiritual enlightenment. Light workers, ultimately, seek to teach others that they each have their own, special, spiritual energy. Lightwork means spreading frequencies of light, love, beauty and wisdom on the Earth and into all the lives that are presently here. Our universe consists of energies vibrating at different frequencies, densities and wavelengths, and the higher the frequency of the energy, the more powerful and "spiritual" it is. Light is within, and Light surrounds us. Light is contagious. We all carry the ability to spread the Light. ~
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{ else }   Message: LightWorker Radio  
Greetings LightWorkers!

Just wanted to let you know that we have a radio show, "LightWorker Radio" on Sundays at 2pm (EST). It is at BlogTalk Radio. We are also doing a special 15 min broadcast segment on Earth Day April 22nd. We will attune to the energies through toning, prayer and song. Please join us and connect to anchoring our light in to the planet. We are also looking for lightworker guests for our Sunday shows for those who would like to share their lightwork and missions with us. You can also call in with questions or sharing as well as chat online live during the show.

As well a reminder for those of you familiar with Earth LightWorker Missions. We are planning another ELM to Palenque, Mexico May 10-17th. Still spots available. Check out

Blessings to everyone today and always!

Posted: Apr 19, 2008 9:59am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Message: Sioux Prayer  
Hey-a-a-hey! Hey-a-a-hey! Hey-a-a-hey! Hey-a-a-hey!

Grandfather, Great Mysterious One,
You have been always and before You nothing has been.
There is nothing to pray to but You.
The star nations all over the universe are Yours,
And Yours are the grasses of the earth.
Day in and day out You are the life of things.
You are older than all need,
Older than all pain and prayer.
Grandfather, all over the world the faces of the living ones are alike.
In tenderness they have come up out of the ground.
Look upon Your children with children in their arms,
That they may face the winds,
And walk the good road to the day of quiet.
Teach me to walk the soft earth,
A relative to all that live.
Sweeten my heart and fill me with light,
And give me the strength to understand and the eyes to see.
Help me, for without You I am nothing.

Hetchetu aloh!

 Oglala sioux - Black Elk - circa 1931

Posted: Jun 15, 2006 2:58am | (1) | (0) |  
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