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When I smell lilacs, I see a nearly bare yard in a small town and children playing in the weight of their scent, not knowing what it will come to mean to them in time.

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Every lovely lilac has a pleasant scent,
it reminisce me full of lovely events,
but you are someone I can never neglect,
because that scent is you who it reflect.

I brought you a lilac that is white,
as you simper in an immeasurable delight,
it is amazing to witness an angel sniff in purity,
only to grin along because of your sincerity.

But whenever I am alone without you,
I lie on the grass with nothing to do,
only to dream of your sensative touch,
for I can never love you too much.

Tonight I lie out in the wild plains,
with a mystifying essence I cannot explain,
then as I look at the plain of lovely lilacs,
I saw you and I did not know how to react.

You run towards me with all your might,
in tears you hug me excessively tight,
we kiss joyfully by the lustrous pond.
with the lilac a proof of our bond.

/ Brian Wang /


go, search out what you need
so you too can see the beauty
the fragile scent of a lilac
feel cool breezes on your face
taste your tears, as they fall
they are of joy
boundless amazing things
to see and put in your heart
just open and let it flow in

/ Unknown /


You wander around the world

across beautiful countries,

you wonder how wonderful

the world is…

Stay for a moment,

look inside your soul :

you’ll find there beautiful forests,

beautiful rivers, mountains, meadows…

the sun and the stars, the magical moon…

roses and violets, the smell of jasmine…

Look inside your soul –

you can hear the birds singing for you,

yes, just for you…

you can watch the colourful leaves

falling down in autumn,

free butterflies between the sun and flowers,

the snow covering all around in winter

with its warm white shawl…

Look inside your soul –

you’ll  find there what it is Friendship,

what it is Love…

You must not wander around the world

to see the beauty of the soul –

simple, look inside your soul.

/ Krystyna Postawa /


With the eyes of my soul

I see the rainbow

Between trees, houses, on the sky,

In your heart…

Can you feel the smell

Of the rainbow?

Can you see the colours?

Can you understand the beauty?

In my dreams

I fly straight to the rainbow –

I can feel it,

I can smell it…

In my dreams

I whispear: Mother Earth – stay,

Stay for a moment…

Wrap up all us

With the beauty of your rainbow…

We all are children of the Mother Earth.

/ Krystyna Postawa /


When I first saw you

standing in the morning dew

a butterfly was dancing in your hair.

It seemed to be a dream,

you seemed to be a dream...

I imaged to keep you in my hands

my lovely butterfly,

but you ought to fly, to fly into the sun.

Maybe one day you'll come back,

maybe one day you;ll sit on my shoulder,

maybe you'll whisper in my ear:

just to fly is my Paradise.

But lovely butterfly - a solem image to my heart,

sit near me, a little longer stay in sight.

I want to say you:

you was sent me from the heaven,

you're my Paradise.

Then precious butterfly spread your wings

and fly...

To walk amongst butterflies

is my Paradise.

/ Krystyna Postawa /

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