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Well like the title suggests a group for all us fabulous creatures that are libran!Also a support group for those who are close to librans hehe!
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As the month of September progresses and my birthday on 9/29, marking me a Libra, looms closer, I stop and think about what my life has meant on this earth as a Libra. Libras are supposed to be classy, intelligent, liberal minded, sometimes a mess when trying ever so hard to maintain or restore balance. We make great teachers, lawyers, and just plain ole mediators. We tend to see both sides of every situation. We are sensitive and like to perform acts that will stop injustices and restore harmony and order. Even my MySpace page reeks of an evenness...nothing too fancy but very NICE....a middle ground, which most days makes me bored but everytime I want to change it or imitate someone else's page which is more daring I find myself stumped and just a bit tense about upsetting the (hopeful) balance of My Page. 

Of course, others disagree about Libras.. I've gotten "Libra's are two faced." and "Libra's are bitches" and " Libras are so contrary". I agree with that last one though..after all,we ARE supposed to be looking at two sides to the coin and that can become confusing..a bit of a contradiction, in and of itself. These comments came from FRIENDS..for who else would I allow to speak to me this way? It comes from a place of love, I am sure. And the gazillion people on Care2 and other "Do gooder" sites can't possibly be Libras. I mean there ARE 11 other signs out there. Word on the street says that Piceses and Cancers are the REAL care takers. Maybe it's just the way we approach a situation we care about that makes the difference. I find that Libras tend to approach problems from either a spiritual or legal point of view (eg.: Ghandi..BOTH lawyer and Spiritual activist, John Lennon: LOVE and protests through the gift of music and a host of other Libras who we don't even know about or are just coming into their own. Believe it or not, Hilary Duff, actress and singer, uses her talents to support good causes. And she does something that I do: she takes from her successes and shares everything with her sister, Hailey. Hilary shares the same birthday as me 9/29; I also immediately share whatever good fortune to come my way with my sisters. I am already planning to spend my birthday with my sisters and I bet the entertainment headlines for the 29th of September show Hilary with her sister...joined at the hip. I'll bet anyone a BUCK!...any takers? And if any paparazzi cared to follow me on my birthday, they'd be sure to find me with at least one of my sisters.

I don't usually let my sign rule my life or my choices but I do read my horrorscope (yep, you read that right) and I look for correlations in the predictions of the day as well as among Libra's in general. And what's up with moms-to-be being happy or even praying that their children are born between Sept 22nd and October 21st?

I do find that a lot of my personality reflects a Libra's supposed nature. I like to be a peace keeper, even if it means arrguing my brian out until my throat is as raw as Liza Minelli's after doing a repetoire of her songs or until I sound like Louis Armstrong ON A GOOD DAY. Before my body became ill, I wanted to be either a lawyer or a teacher. And not one of those money grubbing lawyers who sell their soul to Satan. I know I will be forever poor but I am into Human Rights and seeking justice for battered women. Sorry dad, I will never be that corporate lawyer you wanted me to be. As far as teaching goes, I had hoped to teach children before they learn the dirty secrets of this world and lose their innocence. Pre-schoolers or First graders is where it's at for me..or a professor of theology or philosophy 'cause that's another thing I find about Libras: we're thinkers. Doesn't pay so well, but hey..thinking!!! Think about it.

Also, I am fortunate enough that although I am bodily ill and cannot continue school at the moment, I still get to teach he most important person in my life: my soon to be 6 year old son. He was born on 9/22. A Libra? A Virgo? Honestly, it really doesn't matter. I just am happy to have him and to feel so much LOVE for him that it hurts.

LOVE...that's where it's at. Does being a Libra really mean much when I stop and really think about it? Naw...well, maybe a bit.

Sending thoughts of loving -kindness (much-metta) to all my friends of all astrological origins. There's no favoritism going on with this Libra...and to think I am considered contrary? I have to chuckle at that thought.

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