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This page is inspired by & dedicated to the first wave of Wayshowers (esp. the snoedel saviors), but ALL metaphysicians, New Agers, Lightbeings and curious kitty cats are encouraged to sample the beauty of unity found here. Play well, every[piece of th
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WELCOME TO NOW! Your NOW, My NOW, Every being's NOW!

That is especially true if you found your way to this page. Perhaps many of us will be 'out of pocket' any moment, but the majority will at least spend some of our time HERE on some version of the planet, working with the Light we Love so dearly. Yes, it sounds cheesy, and I'm not big on sentimentality, but when you taste bliss you can't help but sing "Kumbayaa" for a bit. You feel me? Sure you do!

Please join the group, or at least check out the posts here thus far to see if the idea behind this online group is interesting to you. And listen to your gut: is it whispering for you to join us? Maybe just to see what happens since you'll be one of the very first members?

Also please check out my other site, Luminary Spirit: - there's a [quantum] virtual sanctuary where folks can post prayer requests, requests for healing, notes of gratitude - pretty much anything you'd want to discuss at a church/temple/place of fellowship or worship. There's also a page for all my family at snoedel & the "First Wavers".

Thanks for showing interest & I wish you infinite bliss, wisdom & conscious awareness in these most important times on our planet & in our universe. Any feedback you may have is always appreciated - I do actually read comments!

~~bliss 'n kisses~~
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Dec 18, 2007
your own personal Jesus...

that's what santa is probably bringing all of us lightfolks this year - our very own Christ Consciousness!

please share your thoughts, meditations, insights & whatever else related to the most beautiful miracle of our existence! any contractions yet...? how do u plan to approach your BREATHING???

NOTE: if u want to post a thread or response & have any difficulty please send an email to with "care2...  (more)
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