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This is a group for those that need a friend or want a friend. A place to be a friend. For the lost. The lonely. The sick. The disabled. The healthy. All are welcome. This is a group of peace. Feel free to discuss but let's keep it nice. We all have op
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Oct 28, 2008

I couldn't be on for awhile and may not be on much for awhile. I just got out of the hospital after getting hit by a car. I was crossing the street in my electic wheelchair (on a walk sign) when a car or van hit me. I was told it was a small van. All I saw was the bumper. I just got home but I still have a lot of healing to do. I'll be on as much as I can. Best Regards to all.


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May 6
Alert: Help Dogs In Need!
by Selena M. (0 comments | 0 discussions) — This is forwarded from a friend of mine:I have always taught myself never to fail. This world is  filled with so much negativity, it's behind comprehensible. I have discovered that it is not only children and adults surviving day to day in th... more »

Dec 5
Alert: Paypal Donations for Needy Families
by Selena M. (1 comments | 0 discussions) — Subject:[adopt a needy family for christmas] Paypal DonationsFrom:"Care2 Groups: adopt a needy family for christmas Mailing List" Paypal Donations 2:23 PM Would you like to help a family in need, But dont want to go shopping? Dont want ... more »

Nov 30
Alert: Let's Give Thanks (to the troops)
by Selena M. (0 comments | 0 discussions) — more »

Nov 19
Alert: OT: Fw: We have children in NEED!
by Selena M. (1 comments | 0 discussions) — (Holy Land Orphanage in INDIA) (Children in LIBERIA) (FRIENDS OF ORPHANS (UGANDA))From: "saveshildrennow.o... more »

Nov 15
Alert: Can anyone help?
by Selena M. (3 comments | 0 discussions) — I'm in a group called "adopt a needy family for christmas". In the group is a single disabled mother named Sandy. Her 11-year-old son Logan loves Playstation 2. Sandy says it is the one thing that makes him happy. The problem is his Play... more »

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Greetings My Friend, Thanks for the invite to "Need A Friend" group. I hope I'm able to make some positive impacts on this group; as well as gain some of same from my friends!  Peace, Love & Success!!!! John
Posted: Sep 21, 2006 2:24pm | (3) | (0) |  
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