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This is a group dedicated to returning to the Old Ways of our Native Ancestors to help usher in a New Dawning of Love, Peace and to send all our Light energy to aid Earth Mother in her Re~birthing. I am Cherokee and welcome all who are searching.
*angel12*  Osiyo!

  This is a kid friendly behavior that isn't won't be allowed.
  Although Native American, I have love for all and find
so many want to "connect' to more than they find out
in the world....if you are seeking a deeper connection to Earth Mother or if you have had one your whole life please join us. Natives, along with me, are reaching out to our brothers & sisters of all races, so we can help bring about the New Dawning that will be the global shift of our Great Earth Mother.... a "bridge" to be a global rainbow! 
  You may feel that you have lived as a Native before in past life, and this does not have to be through any genealogy is in your soul. 
We WELCOME you! 
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by Waya T.
4 years ago |
Waya says: Osiyo, In Cherokee, Raccoon is KVH'LI (EP) and I recently rescued a baby Raccoon I named Zorro (when I found out he was a boy...I had called him a few names but Zorro was the one that fit). I have a little animal rescue and... more»
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