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NO BORDERS The NO BORDERS exhibition is an endeavor to dismantle the everyday boundaries that besiege our lived realities and restrict our individual freedoms. It is an effort to express the elementary basics of life namely water, earth and fire, which
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Blog: No Borders - A Singular Planet  

A singular planet, a singular universe, a singular Earth 
and with love, compassion, charity, understanding, generosity, and caring we are a singular body making up this singular planet...and we're all going in the onesame direction whether we know or like it or not.  That is to say somewhat like the equator that divides the two hemispheres, there is an illusionary line diving the two antipodes or poles, but in reality they are no less united.  
We are a singular planet or body going in the onesame direction divided and separated by borders that are only an illlusion. Or take the cranium that contains our brain which is made up of two lobes but still the two function as one.  And then there is our tongue divided by a cleft that allows us to speak not only our indigenous language, but with knowledge allows one to speak all languages. There is only one race and that is the human race being of this singular body. 
Unfortunately though all people are not humane, charitable, thoughtful, compassionate, liberal or generous, and believe in this divine behavior and our singular or majestic creation with these sublime (heavenly) attributes. They selfishly want to divide,be elite, or unlearned and put up fences and borders.  They want to exclude instead of include which redundantly makes it hard on the less fortunate, the disadvantaged, and the least of those among us which is a shame. Instead of saving this creation with all living life which in the point of it all, they are ravishing it and desecrating it to oblivion like the moon or mars over greed and the almighty dollar.  Then Earth like all the other known planets will be like a rock with a heart of stone.  And regretfully there will be no point to it all.
But in me being such that I Am perhaps, I will say mine is.
robert knowles  aka  ~boots~

Posted: Oct 10, 2006 5:59am | (4) | (0) |  
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