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Do the people have a government, or does the government have people ? Is this a conspiracy that will be a reality in our lifetime? This group is to reveal the New World Order and related topics: the Illuminati, Free Masons, etc.
What is the New World Order ?
Who is behind the New World Order movement ?

Is it just a conspiracy or will it soon be our reality ?
These and other questions will be topics of discussion here.
Feel free to start new threads, post current news articles related to the NWO (include URLs, please !), and to share your own thoughts and opinions about the subject that you have posted.

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maybe can use the one or the other the hints provided in my blog in a discussion somewhere in the web ?

Disinformation Tactics
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3 days ago |
ParsifalAWAY says: Korea: 'Border-crossing unidentified flying object', most likely a balloon 24. May 2017 of petrapez As the South Korean Ministery of Defense notified yesterday, was the on Monday sighted unidentifi... more»
1 week ago |
ParsifalAWAY says: SunCell BLACKLIGHT POWER has recently changed the name in Brilliant White Power </a... more»
1 week ago |
ParsifalAWAY says: Police from the Sully District confirmed Bilderberg conference <img style="width: 600px; height: 382px;" src=" more»
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