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Ocean Conservancy anticipates ecological threats based on science, sets the ocean agenda in the halls of power, and delivers sustainable solutions that protect the ocean and improve our quality of life. Visit us online:


The Ocean Conservancy's four strategic priorities reflect the critical ocean conservation issues that will be the main focus of our efforts. We believe that we can make the most tangible contribution to ocean health by building on our historic accomplishments, strengths, and expertise. We intend to focus our efforts, resources, and attention on the following four critical objectives:

1. Restore Sustainable American Fisheries
The most immediate threat to ocean ecosystem health continues to be overfishing. To solve this problem, the current fishery management system must be reformed.
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2. Protect Wildlife From Human Impacts

After overfishing, the greatest human impact on marine species is "bycatch," the unintentional injury or capture of wildlife during fishing operations.
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3. Conserve Special Ocean Places
A majority of ocean scientists agree that marine protected areas are proven tools for conserving ocean ecosystems. Nevertheless, marine protected areas and marine reserves remain low on the list of priorities in the U.S.
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4. Reform Government for Better Ocean Stewardship

Just as the structure of an organization can hinder its goals, the piecemeal, uncoordinated systems currently in place for governing ocean and coastal ecosystems, at both national and state levels, are limiting the nation's ability to manage and protect this resource.
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