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Welcome POSITIVES! Your POSTS create change and spark the minds of all who come here~ Let your words be a healing force for our world. Let your posts be as open arms for someone who visits this page seeking solace. It's good to be Positive*

It is a good day.  God be with us.

What we think, directs our words. 

What is spoken directs our actions. 

That is why we are here. 

To positively think for what is best:

and in this process we effect change

in the most 

- Positively Speaking - way

our voices can be heard in a webworld of timelessness

our prints of creative energy left upon a page in history

our friendships connecting across our global consciousness

as our posts spark new thoughts, feelings, ideas and solutions

It is a dream of mine to inspire the lotus blossom in each of

us to open and express our most wonderful of thoughts

while the universe continues to unfold with new miracles -

and give us new life, as newborn children, or as inspirations

which renew our daily life.  Surely this is our common wish,

to live each day as a beautiful spirit seen by the love of

others reflecting back and sending love eternally beyond the

self * always spiralling into greater beauty with every petal

that gently evolves from the heart.   Our journey here is brief

in time, and our essence is timeless.  There is much to concern

ourselves, and much to offer from the pureness of every human

desire.  Our hearts, our center, is as a star of infinite hope;

Here you can let it shine in the blue skies of appreciation and


Welcome to the Positively Speaking Today people~

Your "self-talk" creates your feelings, actions and outcomes.

On we go for this New Year 2014!

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