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The Radical Feminist Network is an online discussion board for radical feminists everywhere to network, share ideas, outrage, and stories, and to discuss strategies for our collective feminist agenda.
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Welcome to the Radical Feminist Network!
Women live in male culture. How are we surviving? How has male culture taught us to oppress ourselves and each other? Why do we blame women for negative behaviors when they are so clearly a rational response to a legitmized system of male power? Why do women feel they ‘need’ men? Why do so many women accept their sexualized selves as liberation? What can we do to be free?
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As Feminists, we reserve the right to be angry. We reserve the right to criticize male culture. We reserve the right to reject patriarchy.
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This is a space for productive anger, exchange of ideas, and intellectual dialogue about feminism, gender, oppression, and our experiences as women.
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Blog: Mary Daly Memorial
Posted: Jan 8, 2010 10:21am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: A member of the opposition wants to help!  

I am an anti-feminist (masculist, masculinist, whatever), but I am the opposite of abusive.  This will sound strange coming from an old, white, heterosexual male with something of an attitude ...  but I want to encourage you in your work.  I am afraid I cannot meet your criterion of anger -- I believe a few quiet words may be all that is needed -- but maybe you could accept me posting on your blog, nevertheless?  I imagine you anyway find it rather difficult to be angry, respectful and courteous, all at the same time -- as your rules insist.

Your blog seems all but moribund ...  don’t you think it might be worth considering a radical new approach?  Please e-mail me if you’d be happy for me to join in.

Posted: Dec 13, 2009 7:37am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: I don't mean to preach...but screw society.  

I am excited to find other feminists as passionate about this far from dead revolution.  My inspiration to finally make my voice heard and become active, arouse from an especially disillusioning sexist encounter.  My frustration is almost undescribable when I try to comprehend why, as a pascifist woman, am I and others under the constant scrutiny that we are merely reacting as any "woman" would.  The ignorant stale beings we happen to share this planet with, feed and spread the idea that any woman who refuses to retaliate by resorting to physical conflict, is simply doing so because of a biological inferiority.  Ironically, these same beings would have us believe that their refusal to physically engage back with a woman is out of their enormous courtesy towards our "delicate frames".  How thoughtful.  Such naturally false standards have circulated to the point where both men and woman believe and act upon these ideas.  Sadly, as a result, this idea has evolved in our society to the point where I can not seem to come across a large majority of women who whould in fact be capable of defending themselves to their full potential. Though this is not even close to the most important issue we are facing as women, it is one of the very prevalent examples of our psychologically induced downfall.  Most disheartening is the lack of support we are recieving, especially from the female population.  Since, as women we are politically equal thanks to the 19th amendment, many women are blind to society's other deeply imbedded sexist misdeeds.  Modern culture is breeding the ludicrious idea that in today's day and age a woman is liberated through an over sexualized, oriented image.  Today's protrayal of sex is not power. It is simple and total degradation. It depicts our sisters in lude, and sometimes violent pornography.  It desensitizes society, making spousal abuse and rape almost rational in the mosaginistic mind.  It makes phrases like "bitch" and "hoe" acceptable synonyms for women. It paves the way to chauvinism that gradually turns us into nothing more than objects of lust and sex. Men are in no position where they need to parade around lightly clothed and sexually exposed, in order to gain the upper hand, that meaningless job promotion, or "respect".  In short, our biggest dilemna is reversing gender roles and shedding the subconscious psychological image we have become labeled with.  I beseech all of us to take just one step in becoming active and actually working toghether to end the gap between men and women; becoming simply people.  Call it a hallmark quote, but lets face it; individual peace can only truly be obtained through our world's peace.

Posted: Jul 5, 2009 7:12am | (1) | (0) |  
Alert: Ben and Jerry's  
Action Request:Think About
Location:United States

In responce to PETA's latest exploits, I am suggesting a surge in Ben and Jerry's sales....if you know what I get a tube of Phish food and head to the's a free woman dairy kind of weekend. Reward yourself, maybe it will counter PETA's bad vibes.

Posted: Sep 30, 2008 12:08pm | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: Evolution Revolution  

Feminisim is all but stagnant! Thanks to our fore sisters, our oprression has become illegal....Thus, making it more descrete. The biggest personal challenge I have found has been finding a receptive female audience, women seem to not care, and sadly women oppress women. We need an entire structure change! Even in the 60's most groups failed because of female on female oppression. It is time for us to evolve, make these men change to our new standards, make this system and social stigmas change to our standards! I have an entire paper I intend on uploading if ANYBODY OUT THERE IS INTERESTED! This is'nt NOW, NOW is out dated and greedy. It is time for an evolution revolution! I think anybody who reads this should assess their personal level of consciousness, express it however you can!


Posted: Sep 22, 2008 10:39am | (2) | (0) |  
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