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We all have some role playing game we like, whether you're into D+D or just like to sit around a circle and play out scenes, whether in a real-life setting or a fantasy world. Come here and start some rpgs of your own to share with the world of C2C!
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Welcome to the Role Play Playground!

As you could've probably figured out from the name and description so far, this group is centered on role playing. We're here to provide a place for whatever kind of roleplaying (appropriate, of course, this is an open-door group) you want. To start a new RP just choose "New Topic" and get it going. (See the "Starting an RP" thread for specific information) But remember to be polite enough not to cause yourself to be banned from the group... Here are the rules:

1. Be respectful to the other RPers here.
2. Keep material in your RPGs appropriate. Flirting, to a degree, is allowed (between cahracters, not players!), but limit it and nothing graphic or explicit!
3. RPs left inactive for 30 days WILL be deleted (Absolutely no bumps!)
4. RPs with more than 100 posts must be archived and resumed in a new thread.
5. For every 5 members in the playground, there can be a maximum of 2 RPs going. After 125 members, the maximum is always 50.

NEWS: The group is new, so advertise it as much as possible... also, I'm looking for a couple good, active, and responsible co-hosts to share the group, but beware that you have to keep up or I will replace you.

PS: Suggestions for the next theme (when I get bored of tigers) are appreciated, thank you!
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Introduce yourself! 37 7 years ago
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Storyline/RPG Questions 29 8 years ago
DM Chat 3 10 years ago
Background of the Characters 3 10 years ago
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