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This group is to bring attention to the horrendous lack of concern about the breeding Lesser Flamingos at Kamfer's Dam. Raw, untreated sewage is being pumped into this dam which is a major breeding ground for these birds. Please comment & sign.

What is the campaign about?

Kamfers Dam, a large wetland near Kimberley, South Africa, is one of only four places in the whole of Africa where the spectacular Lesser Flamingo breeds. Unfortunately it is in serious trouble.

Untreated sewage from a broken sewage works is flooding into it, and developers want to build upmarket houses around it. The flamingos and other wildlife that depend on the dam, as well as the numerous people who live in surrounding suburbs, are now in danger. Save the Flamingo, a non-profit organisation, has positive solutions for the problems facing Kamfers Dam, but we need supporters all around the world to help us persuade the local authorities to take the threats facing this precious waterbody seriously.

Without urgent action the dam will become a polluted cesspool devoid of birdlife, and a hazard to the people of Kimberley. We’d hugely appreciate it if you could sign the petition on our website, and, if possible, donate some money to help this cause. You can find out more about Kamfers Dam and its extraordinary flamingos on this website.

Please sign at

You can also read more about the Kamfer Dam project on the creator's website

Thanks for reading!

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