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The Solar Homes Program is a partnership between the Sierra Club and the country’s leading rooftop-solar providers to help members and supporters go solar, save money, and cut carbon. Plus, every time a home goes solar, your local Sierra Club chapter receives funds toward its important work to protect the environment. 

It’s a win for the planet, a win for the Sierra Club, and a win for you!

Why Go Solar Now?
  1. If you care about the environment, rooftop-solar is as green as it gets.
    Every kilowatt hour of solar you generate replaces electricity that might otherwise come from burning coal or other fossil fuels. Remember: No one ever had an asthma attack because of a solar panel.
  2. Solar has never been more affordable.
    The materials costs for solar rooftop installations have fallen dramatically, and for now, you can still benefit from significant federal and (depending on where you live) state incentives for installing solar that bring down the cost of both purchased and leased systems.
  3. Solar-leasing programs, where you basically rent or purchase power from a system for 10 to 20 years, have made it possible for homeowners to put solar on their roofs for as little as $0 down and still save on their utility bills. You get all the environmental benefits as well as a locked-in electrical-utility rate that will protect you against soaring electricity rates in the years ahead.
  4. Rooftop solar also helps the U.S. economy by providing work
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