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All that read this please help me,i lost my children to social services June 6,05.Im a mother of four and my youngest daughter,i only had one day with,(Caitlin).I need your help,to regain my family back please mail your letters to Rebecca Amos,1215 osborn
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My daughter spoke up against her stepfather, as a result of her speaking out she and her brothers are now in fostercare. She blames herself for this. I've taken care of each of my children since the day my eldest was born. Whats worse is that in the family court in which I am trying to get my children back, the accused is not only allowed to have his say but is lying about me in courts. I believe he is doing so to punish my daughter, and the courts are allowing this! Please help my daughter to know that justice will be done!

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Blog: If you want results  

I have been going through something with Alabama DHR since January of 2007.  I have written many letters and I will give you the following list of the people that I have written to, but one person....decided to look into my situation and now things are really going on now!  I want to share this because I know your is too great and it destroys children's lives. 

The one person that responded and has made things happen is :
Nancy Jinright
Chief of Staff/Ethics
Alabama Department of Human Resources
PO Box 304000
Montgomery, Al 36130-4000
her fax # 334-242-0198

Below are the list of others that I have had no response as of 8/29/08
Governor Bob Riley
State Board Of Human Resources Chairman
Alabama Governor's Mansion
1142 S. Perry Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Patsy Riley
First Lady
Same address as Governor Riley

Lisa Osburn
The Birmingham News
2201 4th Ave North
Birmingham, AL 35203

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Fax 202-456-2461

Richard Shelby, US Senator
110 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Jeff Sessions, US Senator
335 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-0104
Fax 202-224-3149

Jim Folsom, Jr., Lt. Governor
11 South Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36130
Fax 334-242-4661
The following State Senators on The Child Welfare Committee...use the  11 South Union Street, Montgomery, AL 36130 with the corresponding room number that I have typed beside their name.

Scott Beason, Room 737-B
Tom Butler, Room 733-C
Vivian Davis Figures, Room 736-A
Rusty Glover, Room 735-B
Parker Griffith, Room 722-B
Jimmy Holley, Room 731-C
W.H. "Pat" Lindsey, Room 721
Larry Means, Room 731-A
Hinton Mitchell, Room 726-A
Jim Preuitt, Room 733-B
Hank Sanders, Room 730-A
Harri Anne Smith, Room 735-C

I have talked with DHR in the past and seemed to get no where really fast, but now I am very happy with the directions that this is now taken.  It only takes one of these people to get intrested in your as brief as possible, but included copies of your documentation. 
Good luck!  In the name of "child protection", Alabama Department of Human Resources in desperate need of reform.

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{ else }   Blog: help get kailie home  
help bring my daughter home. i have it all described on my petition. maybe if i have enough stories and signatures i might can take it to a higher person and bring her home

  look up on here  "fighting alabama dhr".... help please
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{ else }   Message: The issues of dfs,cps,dcfs, and others like them are bigger than you think...  
Dear friends,

I am very familiar with the plights of this group. I now have three blogs in hopes of reaching as many people as possible. Please look at the blogs and you will find among my group memberships people who are out there, willing to help. Visit the blogs of my friends (those who apply to your situation) as they offer insights and information you must have to fight against these injustices in our society. More and more families are falling victim to the dark side of our government and as the numbers of victims grow, we are seeing the corruption grow even beyond our borders. Almost every travesty we're witnessing today, from the so-called war on terror to 9-11, the stuggle over the Constitution to Parental Rights, and so on, are all tied together in a grotesque attempt to control us as if we were animals. In the end they expect us to accept the things we reject and fight against today. In the end we are expected to be docile and obedient regardless of how outrageous their demands. The fight for Parental Rights is what made me aware of the fact that we as a nation, have a real situation here. PR is also the toughest struggle there is.


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Message: mrs  
im fighting to get my 1 week old grandaughter back shes in foster care with her mum just because mum and dad have slight learning difficulties they took them away on monday my son only sees his wife and daughter 2 hours per day were back in court on wednesday shes there first child so they should have been given a chance they live with us and we would have supperted them

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