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The Sombrero group was started about 2 years ago with the intention of promoting small market stalls and businesses selling ethical products and items such as organic and fair trade clothing and food, related magazines, jewellery etc
Feel free to join if you are interested!

I have actually already tried my stall idea now after a couple of years of it being in the works! I had a great time and sold fair trade hoodies, accessories, bags etc in the Canterbury indoor market under the name, of course, Sombrero!

Sadly, it is no longer there due to general viability as a long term business, increased success online and the work that goes into a PERMANENT stall, but it was a fantastic experience and I intend to use the knowledge I have gained in future!

As for the group I am leaving it up here as a kind of general networking tool for people interested in the same kind of projects or wanting to get anything together =)

Plus, I would definitely be up for one off festival stalls or in outdoor markets for a day or two consecutively!

Here are some great suppliers for future reference!

Sativa, CND, Fair Deal Trading, Braintree Hemp, Poi Poi, Blossom Candles... and of course all the people who would like to individually contribute work and goods =)

Also possible are The Ecologist, Green World, Traidcraft Juice and Tea and Ubuntu Linux, due to it's anti-corporate and free approach to software development

Thanks for reading!

Mike =)

oh and a little note! The logo is made from a photo taken by Guillaume Dugué ( ) for and the sombrero is that worn by Amigo the monkey in the Sega Dreamcast Sonic Team game "Samba De Amigo". If there is any problem with their use here, give me a shout =)

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