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A group for like-minded individuals who are outraged about the inhumane Canadian Seal Hunt. We welcome your ideas about how to help stop this cruelty. Please join us and show your support. Together we can make a difference!
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Hello! My name is Brigitte and I am your host. Admittedly, I just found out recently about the Canadian Seal Hunt as a result of watching Larry King show featuring Paul & Heather McCartney who were speaking out against the Canadian Seal Hunt. At first I wasn't sure what to believe, but after listening for awhile, seeing the images and more details from both sides, I felt sickened and knew that this wasn't just "hype"... this is a real crisis!

I love animals of all kind and feel they have a place in our world and deserve the respect and compassionate treatment of humans. What I saw horrified me as it should everyone. Initially, although I don't like it but feel it is in some cases necessary, I thought this is just a case of someone crying out about wildlife management (in a humane way), but this isn't just management, it is a barbaric slaughter of the most indecent type! Most of the seals slaughtered are babies only for their fur coats and veterinary reports indicate that up to 42% of seals have been skinned while still conscious and able to feel pain - yes skinned alive! Their lifeless bodies are then left on the ice to rot. Imagine for a moment the suffering... ugh! These sealers are very desensitized and don't feel it's wrong. The Canadian government supports it, yet they lie and say it is very regulated and that it's a humane hunt, when clearly the videos taken by animal rights groups show otherwise. Even the majority of the Canadian people are against this.

It MUST stop! I have been haunted like nothing else before by what I know now and therefore feel a strong need to act on behalf of these helpless, defenseless baby seals. I keep seeing the image of a baby seal seeing a human approach it for the very first time, trusting... then witnessing several of its mates get clubbed over the head... crying out loud, trying to run for safety... then seeing the hunter run after it and club it too. It's such a heart breaker! It makes me cry... it makes me pray for them and humanity because we know better. Why must this be happening? How does it make you feel? They say the best way to end the hunt is by Boycotting Canadian Seafood... yes, I do that too but I still hurt for them and I need to do more! I invite all compassionate people to join, share your ideas and help end this senseless cruel slaughter!

For more details please click on this link (.pdf file): Seals and Sealing 2006

Humbly submitted,

Be an angel and help save these preciousSeal today!

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