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Imagine the world if drugs were never discovered... they didn't exist... Anyone you know, someone your close to, or just someone you've heard about over the news. All these people in horrible posistions ruining their lives, or already did. All the people you hear about or see on t.v. or in the news paper, that died from drugs through overdose, or withdrawl... Imagine how many lives could be saved if all drugs ran out... no supplies to create new ones... all addicts sent to rehab... all users sent to jail with no choice if they didnt except rehab and the help they need. The rates of not only drug deaths would decrease, but also gangs, shootings, robery, poverty... if you just have a friend or just someone you know, that uses and your concerned they may be an addict, just let them know what they're putting at risk, what they can lose, and what they're doing to themselves! I'm a recovering addict, and trust me living the sober life is amazing. Quiting drugs is completly worth it. Im me again... WE CAN CHANGE, JUST TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP!!! 

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