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The World For Tibet celebrates the culture and supports the fundamental rights of Tibet, believing that the full say in her future should lie with the Tibetans, and that it should be through peaceful means that a resolution is born.
Tah-shi de-leh (Hello in Tibetan)!

Thank you for joining The World For Tibet.

Had your local media been providing you with the full picture of the situation in Tibet, this is what you would know:

The World For Tibet serves as an avenue to:

Channel truthful information about the situation in Tibet to the public
Channel voices of support from international committees to decision-makers
3) Raise awareness of the Tibetan culture and promote international friendship transcending political strife

The following is a non-exhaustive list of what you can begin doing right away. #1 is the current highlight of our campaign.

Let your aim be for your local government to speak to the Chinese government for Tibet's rights. Let our aim be for every government in the world to do so.

Here's how we do it:

>>Join the group
>>Create a thread titled "India for Tibet", "Canada for Tibet" etc.
>>Invite other members from your country/city/neighbourhood/school to join in 
    the planning
>>Start sharing resources and plans

It does not matter if your country feels small or of little political influence. Every voice representing every heart that lies with Tibet counts - Tibet needs all the international support it can get, and government voices are often powerful.

2) Post truthful Tibet-related reports, be they facts and statistics or the latest news. These will be of great help to all the campaigners here. They will also reach everyone on our mailing list - including people with access only to limited or controlled media coverage on the issue - to inspire more action!

3) Help other campaigners by signing the petitions/respond to action alerts featured here. Let us raise our collective voice for Tibet and keep it strong .

4) Tell us what you know about the Tibetan culture (and learn about it with the rest of us, of course!) If you have willing Tibetan friends, please do get them to share their culture and perspectives with us first-hand!

5) Spread the word -invite everyone you know to join the network, but most importantly, tell them the truth about Tibet.

Let us show the Chinese government the world is with Tibet, and let the Tibetans know the world is behind them. Most important, remember that what we are doing is a symbol of peace, truth and a recognition of our common humanity - we hope for the triumph of these, and not that of one country over another.

"I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe."
                                                                                                -Dalai Lama

With love,
Lee Guojun from Singapore
The World for Tibet

Had your local media been providing you with the full picture of the situation in Tibet, this is what you would know:

Since China's unprovoked invasion of Tibet by 40,000 troops in 1950, Tibetans have been stripped of their rights to cultural and religious freedom, dealt with through violence for dissent, and had their land and resources heavily exploited (in spite of the 17-Point Agreement of 1951 China undertook not to interfere with Tibet's existing system of government and society).  Some 1.2 million Tibetans are estimated to have been killed by the Chinese since 1950 - a case of genocide - approximately 260, 000 of whom died in prisons and labour camps between 1950 and 1984.
Chinese replaced Tibetan as the national language. Although English is a requirement for most university courses, Tibetan school children cannot learn English unless they forfeit study of their own language. Up till 1979, religious practice was forcibly suppressed and up to 6000 monasteries and shrines were destroyed. Tibetans are forbidden to display pictures of their religious leaders. New guidelines drawn up in 1994 instigated a policy of renewed religious suppression and attempts to discredit the religious authority of the Dalai Lama. In 1995 the Chinese authorities arrested his 5-year-old successor, resulting in the youngest prisoner in the world, and attempted to install their own candidate. Forced agricultural modernisations (replacing traditional farming that was suited to the climate) led to extensive crop failures and Tibet's first recorded famine between 1960 and 1962 in which 340,000 Tibetans died. At least half Tibet's natural forest cover been removed as timber since the Chinese occupation, in contravention of the right of peoples to permanent sovereignty over their natural resources. China has admitted to dumping nuclear waste on the Tibetan plateau - there is a 20 square kilometer dump of radioactive pollutants near Lake Kokomor, the largest lake on the Tibetan plateau.  Beijing's policy of deliberately encouraging Chinese resettlement has placed Tibetans in the minority in many areas, including Lhasa, causing chronic unemployment among Tibetans. China has renamed two out of Tibet's provinces as part of Chinese provinces. In spite of U'Tsang, the remaining province, being remained the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), all local legislation is subject to approval of the central government in Beijing; all local government is subject to the regional party, which has never been run by a Tibetan. (read more here:

The logo for this network can be viewed here:

The mountain, the red bands across the blue sky and the sun are taken off the Tibetan flag. The mountain represents the beautiful land of Tibet. The red bands represent her unique history. The human figures that are the colours of the globe represent the world, and the bright sun represents the world's hope that Tibet will be free, prosperous and happy. The dove carrying the olive twig is a universal symbol of peace. It represents our wish for a peaceful resolution and that Tibet will soon return to her original, peaceful state.
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