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This is a group for those that are members of Mike Dooley's, "Tut's Adventurers Club." Also, for those that would like to become members or just join in on motivational and inspiring group discussions! It can be a path to leveraging the universe! :)

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There is indeed a principle operating in the Universe that turns wishes into reality.  In fact, it's the same principle that powers positive thinking, and explains why visualizing is an exercise practiced all around the world.  This principle is called, "Thoughts Become Things." 

What many of us fail to realize sometimes is that our thoughts, feelings and emotions carry with them an energy and life force of vibrations, those which leave us once we experience them, then return to us as the things and events of our lives. 

But remember, this law/principle operates on a constant.  It doesn't just happen some of the time, it happens ALL of the time for both positive thinking and negative thinking.  It is a law that is as rigid and dependable as gravity.  And of course, this isn't bad new, it's utterly extraordinary news!!!

Why???  It is because we can learn to choose our own thoughts and become the driver in the journey of our existence.  In fact, it is here that we can begin to learn how to choose the right thoughts, and fine tune our inner dialogue so that we are able to imagine more than just manifesting material things, but also more love, more friends and more laughter!!  Really, with much commitment, we are going to begin learning how to "Leverage The Universe."  How exciting!!!  Please enjoy!!

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