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Tiger Poaching Persists Despite Tough Laws

On November 21, 2013, while patrolling the Land of the Leopard National Park (Primorsky krai, Russian Far East), the rangers discovered a dead male Amur tiger. The predator is believed to have been killed by poachers in late-night hunting, taking into account that a gunshot wound was found below its shoulder. A postmortem examination will be performed soon in order to determine the cause of death.

Scene of the crime. A dead tiger / (c) Land of the Leopard National Park

Photo report from rehabilitation center

Dear readers, this week we would like to share with you some new photographs of the orphaned tiger cubs, which are getting ready for the release back into the wild at the Rehabilitation Centre for Tigers and Other Rare Species in Alekseevka village.


Fight for People’s Minds Continues

For the past six months, Phoenix has been continuing its fight for people’s minds trying to conserve rare animals and their habitat by educating local population. We believe that most people get their first knowledge about ecology and develop a sense of respect and caring for the natural environment during their first few years of life, then at primary school they are taught to be responsible towards nature, and shape lifelong attitudes, values, and patterns of behavior toward natural environments. And, educators play a critical role in shaping such attitudes. For many years, the Phoenix Fund has been helping educators to improve their knowledge on local nature and promote nature conservation among children. Children, in their turn, share knowledge they got at kindergartens, schools and eco-centres with their family members.

An eco-lesson on Amur tigers Phoenix Fund

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