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Please sing for Sumatran tiger!

On the beautiful island of Sumatra there is a beautiful province called Acer (pronounced ‘atch-ay&rsquo, where tigers, rhino, elephants and orangutangs live side-by-side in the Leuser (pronounced ‘le-sir&rsquo National Park and Ecosystem.

Though it’s been recommended as a potential UNESCO World Heritage site by leading scientists and the International Journal of Science, it hasn’t actually been granted this status.

The fate of this area lies in the hands of Dr. Zaini Abdullah, Governor of Aceh and you! He is under immense pressure to implement a new law that will override protected forest status and allow new roads and agricultural concessions to be built.  If this happens, not only will the world lose an irreplaceable area of prime forest but will threaten the status of all the critically endangered species that call it home.

This petition to the Governor of Acer demands that no new laws are implemented and that Leuser is officially made a World Heritage site.   Decisions on this new law will be made in the next few weeks, and affects not only the flora and fauna of the area, but the local people of Acer too.



Working together with other NGOs we believe that we can make a difference with this petition, we do not normally ask – but we’d be very grateful if you added your voice to this campaign.

#SaveAcer sign this petition to stop protect Acer’s forests and the critically endangered species that live there!


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