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Thornborough Henges - call for help August 2008
For more than four years, valiant campaigners in the UK have held at bay the threat of further quarrying within the UK's largest Neolithic Ritual site, the Thornborough Henges monument complex.
Initial quarrying applications were withdrawn then modified and rejected then modified and accepted and then revoked as campaigners insisted that council planning rules were adhered to.

But now the campaign has reached it's most decisive moment, a new planning meeting will be held on August 24th 2008, it's decision will decide if quarrying continues at Thornborough, or moves elsewhere. The counci have already signalled a commitment to approve the decision, yet this is a time when public opinion could easily be harnessed and be highly effective.

The timing of this meeting is a golden opportunity for campaigners, August is the height of Britain's "silly season" when news is in short supply thanks to the closure of parliament; media coverage can be surprsingly easy to get.
It is an excellent time to raise awareness of the Thornborough campaign, but given the limited time involved, we are going to need YOUR help.

We are going to try and make helping as easy as possible for you. We have been campaigning for quite some time and understand what makes greatest impact on the planning committee and the press. We will be asking you to try to get involved in helping us reach both of these targets.

Action 1.

Spreading the word

Most people have places where they can place blog entries on numerous websites such as Care2, Myspace or Facebook. Please copy and paste this text into a blog entry and try to flag it to your friends for them to do the same. In future, we hope that we can use this mechanism to cascade these simple actions to as wide an audience as possible.

Just to round off this action on a healthy note, please sign our petition. It's one of three petitions which currently total more than 20,000 signatures, it will be presented to parliament once it returns after summer. A copy will also be handed to North Yorkshire County Council early in August.

To HM Government - stop quarrying at Thornborough Henges

More information at and

This is the largest and oldest sacred site in Britain yet it is being lost in order to build roads. Surely this is symbolic of what we are doing to our planet, if we cannot save such a precious site how do we intend to save ourselves?